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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-11
When you look forward to the [M] Director: Kirk Jones (Nanny mcphey) Starring: Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick, Dennis Kui
Judgment: \"From Here to birth. . .
Not far at all.
\"(Insert pregnancy pause here.
) When you expect it to be exactly what you expect, when you know what happens when you expect it to be based on the best --selling so-you\'re-about-to-have-your-first-
Baby Manual of the same name, I think it is prudent to write down all my expectations for the picture.
Optimistic music montage for all parentsto-
Experience the first supersound check. Mood-
Rocking pregnant women swing on their unlucky partner.
A musical montage of parentsto-
Medical problems are going through. Thin-
Pregnant women seem to complain about how fat they look.
Their unlucky partner said the wrong thing at the right time.
The blatant product placement of each brand in the baby --Do business.
There\'s a lot of creepy plastic mummy of LaTeX
Tummies (special effects that may never be perfect in Hollywood ).
Quirky music montage shot in the delivery center.
Yes, what happens when you expect to deliver on all of the above.
And a lot less.
There is no reliable plot to look forward to when you look forward to it.
However, the starsand-
Give all the people involved a dotted line of things to do.
Cameron Diaz plays a new role.
TV fitness glamazon.
She was not calm about the fear of having to buy a bigger sports bra.
Elizabeth Banks plays a new role.
The owner of a baby clothing store.
She was not calm about the transition from vendors to breeders.
Anna Kendrick plays a new hit.
Young food vendors
After a while, she was not calm about everything.
With a man she can\'t stand.
Oh, Jennifer Lopez is in there too.
She plays a baby photographer and has no children in her own right.
But she is going shopping in Africa soon.
The audience will not recognize any trainee father except old Dennis Qued, whose young trophy wife is about to give him twins.
Chris Rock leads a group of experienced fathers to form a \"geek choir\" that provides terriblebut-
There are real suggestions for any nervous newbies nearby.
In general, when you look forward to it, all you expect is another warm fuzzy block of sitcom fluff, in which a large group of names will have no reason
Conceptually, it achieves the same effect as the slow modemo head-
About the collision between the shopping cart and the stroller: Although not
There is really no need for a person to be injured.
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