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Most Lightweight Walking Shoes for Women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-26
Sports shoes are comfortable, flexible and lightweight.Walking is low.Therefore, it does not require heavy-duty materials for strain and shock absorption, thus emphasizing comfort and lightness.Typically, the midsole of the sneakers is thinner compared to other types of sneakers, as this allows walkers to roll more naturally from the heel to toe.Some of the most efficient and lightweight walking shoes for women are New Balance 559, Nike Air Miler Walk and Gel-Technology.The new Balance 559 has just been weighed at 8.7 oz, this new balance model is built with synthetic and mesh uppers to keep it light and comfortable.It is characterized by walking strikeThe path design can stabilize your feet during these fitness walks to help prevent injuries.Although very light, it maintains a lot of support and cushioning at the heel, midsole and front foot.New Balance 559 (800) 595-9138 nbwebexpress.The Nike Air Miler Walk is not only light in weight (10 ounces ).), It is also made of faux leather and mesh upper, breathable and offers superior comfort over a longer range.The avid walker will admire its solid rubber outsole for maximum durability.The shoe also comes with a soft, dense front foot pad that provides extra cushioning for walkers.For those who like to track the progress of the sport, pair these shoes with the Nike sports band or the Apple iPod Sports Kit for instant workout feedback.Nike Air Miler Walk (800) 806-6453nike.comGel-Tech Walker NEW asics designed these sneakers to follow Walker\'s pace from the heeltouch to toe-It\'s walking-Specific path technology.The lace-up design is asymmetrical in order to improve comfort and fit.Weigh only at 9.5 ounces, it is enough to support the foot, no volume-Even with two layers of memory foam on the collar, it fits better.Gel-Neo (800) 678-tech Pacers-American Airlines.The article, written by Rona aquinoona Aquino, began professional writing in 2008.As an avid marathon runner and outdoor enthusiast, she has written topics about running, fitness and outdoor entertainment for a variety of publications.Aquino holds a bachelor\'s degree in communication and English from the University of Maryland Park.
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