Mosh-pit mania

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-23
It started with 5,000 bodies.
5,000 steaming bodies.
5,000 steamed, bouncing the body in its teens.
Normally, this space will not exceed 3,000.
There are too many spikes and push ving, but no one mind because we are all happy to be here ---
This is a concert at the age of 20, surging and pushing ving in the pit.
No one has ever been so happy before, there is no way to have more fun in the future, because music is the coolest ever, the scene is the coolest ever, so there is no place, no time, better than it is now.
The band is not on stage yet and the ball on the beach has dots
The Com logo and the Nerf pan bounce in the overhead space.
Violent Women appear on speakers: Add it up. A 1980 fossil (
It\'s 20 years old! )
But in it creates the beat of the rhythm.
A skinny boy, with pointed blonde hair and naked waist, all skin is a clean slate, waiting for the first piercing and tattoo to climb on his friend\'s shoulder
He faced a girl 7 feet metres away, standing on the shoulder of her friend.
He grinned and raised his hands high on his chest.
Like the flipper of the pinball, his fingers move back and forth on the nipple.
The girl, apparently the intended recipient of the message, blushed and looked at her girlfriend and clamored on her boyfriend\'s deltoids platform.
People in the crowd closest to two players start singing in the game atmosphere: Show your tits! Show your tits!
The girl again bowed her head in the direction of her girlfriend, she pushed back, turned her fingers over again to face the laughing child, and now the beat is faster.
Even the girl picked up the chant: Show your tits! Show your tits! Show your tits!
She pretended to her friend again, ready to give in, and said, \"I can\'t believe I will do this, Jenny!
\"Look at her face and reach out to the bottom of her cropped plum --colored blouse.
Chris: Jenny\'s face was shocked. see!
Then release the Chris chicken.
The skinny blonde man knows better than giving up.
He said in his mouth the lyrics of violent female songs: \"Why can\'t I get a fucking one!
Why can\'t I buy one? . .
The fingers began to flip again.
The crowd started cheering again. -Show your tits! --
Chrissie, jumped, did not look back, climbed to the top and dazzled the blonde child.
There was a dazzling cry from the crowd, accompanied by a lifted arm.
The flash of the disposable camera is out.
The shirt fell off and Chris Sisi hid her face around Jenny\'s neck for a while, and the two laughed at the crazy stunt.
Female songs suddenly cut off, DJ, self
Announced as a semi-God in the afternoon, a relaxing introduction to the band-
Staind, godsack, filter ,-the-fuck-ever --
Finish the pause with majesarticulate and drop Mike.
This is the coolest thing because he\'s
The millions of years of history of Poland and Kathy Qassim and even MTV veej, which aired on such a large screen, may be visible from Mars.
No one cares or barely listens, at least not in the pit, because there is no way to say what he is talking about, all we know is that the group is about to start in two seconds and the stream starts to mix the crowd.
A group of streams had left before they became very hairy: The thin young man cleared the way for their thin girlfriend, the chain of girls whose arms were locked, guysHunting beer
What they want is the stage.
Because the crowd is locked too tightly by the body, neither stream can move fast, but the tugboat and pull will create some interesting force.
I lean sideways and Jenny and Chris are also leaning, they slide off their boyfriend\'s shoulder and they stay on the scene when the music starts.
My own mass, all about 180 pounds mass, is about to kill 14-year-
The little girl wearing a blue rib vest, with the legend \"I [heart]
The boys were in her tender arms.
\"I\'m sorry,\" I said.
Clark, tilt my shoulder back like the force, and when this squeezes Chris and Jenny, it does give the chance to push back in front and around a few others, after a while we got back upright and the band was on stage.
Music came like a bomb.
The sound of the guitar, bass and drums
Dissolve vibration.
It\'s a song that we all know, 90% of people are singing together, and it\'s a tribute to the hopeless future, the late girlfriends and adults --
Ups that doesn\'t seem to understand.
In the opening riff, there is space again, at least enough to stretch my legs into a position where I can keep my balance at the beginning of the tide, just like a minute later.
With more than a dozen bodies surfing high, the space is expanding.
From 10 yards away from the stage, I had to pay attention to the body that came in from the front and back. The pogo-
The crowd is open arms;
I put my head in half of my shoulder and my head scans from one side to the other and from the back to the front.
The closest airborne biochemical device to 5 yards away is a non-so-
The thin blonde girl in a white bikini top and blue shorts, passing through the stage, grabbed her breasts with a dozen hands, trying to free them from the bra.
She was trying her best to protect them with a shrill laugh on her face.
When I was wondering if they would take it off, I was kicked to the back of my head by a muddy sneaker belonging to teasing, and when I looked at the blonde, tubby Asian kid hanging behind me.
After a while, his big ass was directly in my hands.
I\'m his center of gravity.
I can choose his direction.
I threw him forward and into a group of men who didn\'t want to be disturbed.
He landed his feet first and immediately began to climb up again.
I scan the blonde again.
She was tilted to one side by a few heads-
The shaved guy, one of them tattooed a black tattoo on his ears and on his right temple.
They tip her so that they can catch her chest better, and when they finally feel it, she does not laugh lightly, but still manages to get away from them.
The direction suddenly changed and she set off from their side.
Around her now on her shoulder
Ride level, songs of girls perched and bouncing.
The chest of many people is flashing, and the crowd no longer cheers for them alone, but appreciates them.
Frankly, this monitor is amazing.
Milky stones carved from sparkling water drops: breasts of calm savage music.
The guys who might punch and kick are slacking off-
Mouth watering over the scenery.
With the tide and the meat sailing above my head, I now have the rhythm to grab and get my arms ready for any size and weight rating through the upcoming Tosos.
There are many waterfalls.
I am close to this stage and at this stage crushing is the strictest but still can find small gaps in human width from third to fourth quarter. An orange-
The girl with hair flipped her feet over her head and was about to splash, but a pair of chivalrous football --
Before she can hit, look at the type to catch her.
They exchanged their eyes, and her eyes showed that she wanted to come back again, and they agreed sweetly.
There is no free treatment for fragile breasts.
It\'s a game in the air;
The rules here apply.
Or maybe it\'s just a lucky draw.
I was impressed by the following sociological phenomena: when the girl was rescued, the man was allowed to fall.
Even in the pit, civilization is hard to kill.
They\'re a group.
Raped in front of Woodstock\'s 99-year stage, but three days have passed.
It may take such time to break the relationship.
You just can\'t get the original thing in an afternoon. Medieval, yes. Primitive Nah.
A sudden gust of backward pushing, accompanied by a giant Doc Marten boot firmly on my sand feet, made me immediately notice another phenomenon in front of me.
An open space, an open ring, may be around 7 feet and suddenly become a reality.
The three guys with big arms, shoulders and beer tripe rushed and pounced like rams or bulls.
When they are ready or appear from these collisions, they rotate around the perimeter of the circle and fall off the objects on the circumference.
A bloody sandpaper.
The guy on his head, the goat-like hair under his chin, has always been more evil than the others, and the wild steam in his eyes indicates that he is about to go out --of-control ugly.
His arms, a detailed masterpiece of thorny branches and winding vines, beat inside.
As he passed, a giant detailed sign occupied the north of his back, black and complex central red spheres, bent and pulsed, as if alive. Oh, shit.
His head hissed and snorsnor snorted, looking for a new partner to charge and slapping his chest with a threat.
Then, he repeated the sentence with a strange look, staring down at his outline of the five fingers.
His metal collar was missing.
He raised his arms and glanced at the ground with his eyes to prevent the lawsuit.
Other people also received information and started laying out the ground.
It looks like they\'re looking for a contact until someone lifts the necklace up.
Distracted by a new song and a pair of shiny spheres, they lost interest in the body --
Docking with each other, the hole is closed.
This is hot, satanically hot, and the smell of each body rises in a unique float.
The rank of these guys, sweat-mixed-with-fart aroma;
The girls don\'t smell so bad. At 6-
2. the occasional breeze came in, which was quite beneficial to me. A half-
My feet under me, purple.
Girl with hair and green
The Girl with the hair makes disgusting faces to each other in a warm air, Fan each other, and then, as if at the same time, has an unbearable emergency concept, locking the face with an extended tongue --wrapping kiss.
As the first drop of rain, they continued to move on and then stopped to catch the rain as it got bigger.
There is only one way to add another dimension to the height of Carnival, animal contact, that is, rain.
Thousands of bodies are already in the hips, abdomen, legs, chi-
Now chi is slippery, body oil and sunscreen, sweat and sweat.
At the last remnant of any intelligent thought, vibrate, blast guitar pieces, beat drums, bass chord grinding.
Bodhisattva, Nirvana.
Cowboy girl on the beach. Hello.
The rolling steam rises from the ocean of the body, and more Suddenly the ground rises to the shoulder --ride, to surf.
The blistering auditory attack on the stage continues, the visual details blur and shift in the thick fog, and will be completely disconnected from the mother ship in a moment.
When this happens, there will be music and crowds, eternal and infinite, and there will be no other reality than the wet, sultry present.
This is the embodiment of cool. What the fuck.
Nod to the people around me and signal-
I got up.
The rain hit me from above, sliding and pushing hands and heads from the bottom towards me.
I try to open my arms in pure joy-
Then I was nailed to the ground, first on the shoulder, then on the back.
Don\'t worry, I set out again and was ready to really sail again.
But the setting is over, and at this point people are turning around and leaving.
The sudden stop of the choppy noise left the emptiness, the beating and the pain of the migration.
Every muscle in my body was pulled;
Flower bruises bloom.
It\'s time to drink beer. Definitely.
Anger will burst out soon and I can\'t wait to come back.
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