melanie sykes, 48, shows off her incredibly toned figure in sports bra and hot pants at yoga retreat in india

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-17
She is passionate about health and fitness and recently said she has given up drinking.
Melanie Sykes, 48, wore a sports bra and hot pants during a yoga retreat in India, showing the results of her hard work.
The TV presenter showed her incredible complexion and sunburned body, writing that she was happy to escape the snow at home.
She wrote: \"Indian yoga in the morning sounds like I escaped home at the right time.
Melanie also shared several photos of her own use of the yoga pose, writing: \"This morning, Yoga treatment in India practiced yoga with @ tammcgannlifestyle.
Melanie told your health last year that she went to the gym because it was good for her health --
Not her health.
She told the Wall Street Journal: \"fitness keeps me mentally happy, an investment in my later years.
Started training in my 30 s, definitely paid off when I was in my 40 s, I want to keep myself healthy with the right food and exercise, in this way, I have energy and will be satisfied in the next few years.
\"It affects every element of my life.
It makes me a better mother and it makes me more patient and I think it will make you a better person if you are healthy.
She attributed her figure to yoga twice a week and reduced dairy and alcohol from her diet --
Chocolate is still her fault though.
Melanie wrote on her website: \"On my 45 th birthday or so, after reading Amilia Freer\'s eat, I almost stopped drinking. Nourish. Glow. book.
\"I\'m at a landmark age and I really want to clean up my diet and start paying more attention to my health.
I\'m already in training and a bit healthy, but I want to get to the next level.
\"I occasionally go out with my teammates, but recently I thought I \'d stop completely to see how things are going.
I eat very well and exercise regularly. drinking is no longer suitable.
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