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After many thoughts, studies and visits to several doctors, you decide to go for breast implants.
You can\'t wait to buy a new fitness center.
Sports bra looks best in gym or running team.
However, your post
The surgery Guide says you are not allowed to exercise for the time being.
All of a sudden, the idea of losing everything you do at the gym begins.
Eugene Elliott, the beauty and reconstruction surgeon at the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California, said \"In general, patients will not have any movement restrictions after breast augmentation is fully recovered.
\"However, before you think you can go to the gym a few days after surgery, you need to be careful that there is a schedule for each type of activity-low impact and low impact
High impact, upper body.
Lower body movements.
Elliot savsavvyfor Elliot, it is important that patients get up and walk frequently to avoid any blood clots, deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, but this activity should not be active.
\"Three weeks after surgery, mild stretching is acceptable except for the upper body, but the yoga posture is not intense.
Six weeks after the operation, I told my patient not to start.
Affect aerobic exercise, as in the first week on a stationary bike, and then gradually recover to affect aerobic exercise in the next three weeks, \"Elliott suggested.
In this regard, Mr. Michael Nicole
D, medical director and Beauty founder at Newport Beach, CA, suggested to his \"patient to start 25% exercise after 4 weeks, 50% after 5 weeks, and 75% after 6 weeks, 100% after 7 to 8 weeks.
\"If you like running and/or lifting weights, these are the two most sensitive types of activities to consider when restoring exercise --
Fitness Program.
Overall, experts recommend starting lifting in six weeks, very light, and be very careful with the movement of stretching the pec and surrounding muscles, such as pushingups, pull-ups and planks.
In my practice, I have helped many women recover their health and exercise after breast augmentation surgery.
I always find a way to get them to work actively based on the doctor\'s permission and opinion.
In this way, they have better control over the pain, recover faster, and have not lost all the effort they put in the gym before surgery.
Overall, this is what you can do after the doctor approves:)
Don\'t exercise if you don\'t have a good bra.
Ask your doctor which one he or she recommends. b)Low-
Impact activity such as slight walking, oval shape-but do not move the arms and hold them in the console handle for slight support.
Embrace other muscles, like the core muscles, you don\'t need to grab anything or ride a bike-but you don\'t need the type of rotation, at least you don\'t need Hill to explore the simulation. c)
Gently stretch the muscles of the chest and back.
Movement is the reason to keep the joints flexible and also helps to remove the by-product of the operation more quickly.
For each stretch action of the greater chest muscle, you must do a stretch for the back.
It is important to maintain a balance between the two muscles to avoid tension and other pain, such as back pain.
Similarly, neck muscles often become very tight due to overall surgical trauma.
To maintain flexibility in this area, you can gradually do some movement-sometimes restoring all-round movement.
Do not force any stretch. Take your time. 1.
Chest and shoulders: stand next to a high bracket, one leg in front of the other, and the outside hand is placed at your waist.
Bend your inner arm at right angles and lift it to the shoulder level.
Gently press on the stand.
Keep stretching for 20 to 30 seconds with the other arm.
-Stretch of Delavier Anatomy2.
Oblique muscles, back shoulder, diamond shape, triceps and back shoulder: stand upright in the doorway while facing the door stopper aligned with the right shoulder.
Cross the left arm through the body towards the right shoulder.
Point your thumb down and grab the door stopper on your shoulder.
Rotate the torso inward until you feel the extension of the left back shoulder.
Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and do another arm. – Arnol G.
Nelson and compliance and promotion of Kokkonen, stretch Anatomy3.
Side neck extension: sit in the chair, straight back, chest up.
Put your hand on the chair.
Put your shoulders down.
Gradually tilt your neck to one side, keep the stretch time between 20 and 30 seconds, and then do the other side.
Avoid this exercise if you have cervical problems. d)
Start weight training by doing legs.
Looking for a lower body machine that does not exert pressure on the upper body at first, such as leg extension, sitting leg tendon curl, leg press and internal adductor/adductor sitting posture machine, lifting without weight.
Change sales reps and suits so you can exercise strength one day (8 to 10 rep)
Endurance of the day (15 to 20 reps).
Stay one day in the middlee)
Once you can work on your upper body, it\'s like stretching action when lifting weights.
In order to avoid the formation of a round shoulder dislocation posture, it is necessary to strengthen the back and chest muscles.
Usually, for each push exercise (pec move)
Choose a pull exercise (back move).
Some of the exercises you can do after the suggested recovery time are: 1.
Dumbbell/cable row: Make sure you fully contract your shoulder blades together while pulling heavy objects and keep your shoulders down and chest up. 2.
Tilt dumbbell chest press: You will also emphasize the shoulder when doing tilt chest press.
This will be a good move to start gradually moving into other chest movements that will put more pressure on the greater chest muscles.
In the meantime, dumbbells will allow you to control the range of motion better than barbell or machine.
Gradually fell to 90 degrees.
Don\'t expect a full range of sports at the beginning. f)
You won\'t have a hard time doing a bicep curl when the arm is moving, but when doing a triceps push, you do so
Because you put the tension in.
So, start with the dumbbell triceps kick back.
Lean the body slightly forward.
Keep the elbows on the body and straighten the dumbbells back. g)
At the beginning, avoid practicing overhead until you restore the full range of motion of your arm.
In this case, you will find it easier to raise the side shoulder than to press the lower shoulder.
Similarly, the frontal shoulder lift is difficult as it involves more chest muscles than the lateral lift.
One way to add these actions to your daily life is to do an arm at a time. h)
According to the movements of the work abdomen.
Sit next to the belly machine until you can move to the therapist to do some sit-ups. i)
Start pushing it back-
Ups, do this in a reclining position.
The more upright you are, the less weight you have to lift, so the less pressure you put in the pec muscles.
Gradually you can lower the bar until you can do push-ups as usual.
It sounds hard though, but if that\'s what you really want, you\'ll see time passing quickly.
Maybe, this could be a good time to get your muscles and mind to rest and get back to health --sports habits.
In any case, Elliott states, \"The good news comes as soon as the cure is completed (
Soft and tender breasts)
Patients will be able to resume all their activities before the operation.
Still, if something feels uncomfortable-like pain, pulling, or stretching --
Don\'t do this before you feel normal.
\"Marta Montenegro, a part-time professor at Florida International University, is a sports psychologist, certified strength and conditioning, coach and coach.
Marta has developed its own professional athlete practice system.
Her personal website martamontenegro.
Com, combine fitness, nutrition and health tips, exercise routines, recipes and the latest news to help you change your life, not your lifestyle.
She is the founder of the state-issued SOBeFiT Magazine and the Montenegro fitness DVD series approach.
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