making wimbledon women play bra-less is tantamount to physical abuse

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-11
Some irony is that after a new study to prove that women have delayed their exercise for a few days because of their breasts, we learned that female athletes at Wimbledon may have to throw away their bras.
According to good old Pat Kash, who thinks the situation is \"ridiculous\", some female athletes at this year\'s tournament are forced to participate in the bra competition.
The following is for all-
White dress rules.
\"Some girls were told to go back and change bras and tops because they had a slight color on them,\" Cash told BBC Radio 5 live . \". READ: Bra-
Is Wimbledon missing? Five all-
The white sports bra is in the center of the stadium where the hand is available. some girls do not have the right sports bra and have to leave them.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
The athlete ran 800 during 34 weeks of pregnancy.
Is Wimbledon missing? Five all-
The white sports bra to be bought today is a woman \"delaying breast sports\" and why a female football coach giving up on my bra is a paradise we need to talk about the chest.
Sorry, don\'t laugh.
Did I read it right just now?
Tennis without a bra?
Playing professional tennis in front of a large group of people?
It may be OK for some very lucky traveling women who don\'t have that good talent, but for most women, whether they are athletes or not, it\'s equivalent to physical abuse.
This week, a survey by the University of Portsmouth Breast Health research team found that nearly one out of every five women said, their breasts are an obstacle to movement-because they either look for them to live in embarrassing fears caused by excessive breast games.
Although the British tennis player Naomi Brodi, who lost in the second round on Wednesday, managed not to wear a bra this week ,(
No one knows if she was forced to leave)
From the look of it, the idea that no one is playing is enough to get most women out of strawberries and cream.
There are enough things already on the tennis court, thank you very much. (
A quick poll in the office has confirmed that the majority of men have the exact opposite view, shock, fear).
But aesthetics aside, it is very painful to do any form of physical activity without support.
For all the wise men reading this, sex is not important.
I wrote about my contempt for bras before.
But despite the many flaws in sports, I really appreciate them.
Also, doing sports without properly supporting the breasts can actually be harmful to the female\'s body.
Professor Joanna skwe, who leads the University of Portsmouth Breast Health Research Group, said that if women do not wear the right sports bra, they have the potential to damage the fragile Cooper ligament, which cannot be compensated once it is damaged.
Well, I shudder at how she would see all the vendors in the sw19 court.
Professor Scurr continued: \"When the breast is not properly supported and there is tension in the ligaments and skin of the breast, this can lead to stress, over time, this may result in stretching of the natural support of the breast, which may result in permanent breast damage. ” Quite.
As we wait to hear which players are the victims of this new strike (
I believe this is the mission of Wimbledon\'s best male sports journalist ever)
Later today, I was packing up my slightly gray sports bra and playing tennis with my husband-thank you so much for the people in our local park.
The University of Portsmouth research team is currently recruiting female volunteers for a new study to investigate breast pain.
If you are interested, you can contact Emma. burnett@port. ac.
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