Maker Nation: How Canadians revolutionized bras

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-07
Canada has a rich history of innovation, but strong technology will transform the global economy in the coming decades.
Large multinationals have taken the lead in the race for success, and Canada is at risk of falling behind.
What is at stake is our prosperity and our economy --being.
FP began to explore what is needed for business prosperity and development.
Over the next three months, we will talk to some innovators, visionaries and scientists at the forefront of the new brutal economy about Canada\'s blueprint for success.
You can find all our covers here.
National manufacturers are concerned about the unknown stories behind major Canadian discoveries and inventions. Push-
Bra, shoulder-less bra, even the idea of showing the bra
Wear T. V. ;
They are all from the Great White North.
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