lululemon sues under armour for copying sports bra design

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-11-25
Athletica (Athleisure retailer, Lululemon (LULU -Get Report)
The prosecution opponent of Under Armour (UA -Get Report)
Design of sports bra suspected of plagiarism
Lulululemon sued for patent and trademark infringement on its $52 Energy Bra.
The Andrea sports bra lulululemon says four, ranging from $29.
99 a strap to $39.
99 a day food low impact, copy the design of the energy bra.
In the document, Lululemon said that \"the unauthorized conduct of Under Armour has caused and continues to cause irreparable damage, the business of Lululemon.
Representative of Baltimore
Under Armour said the company \"attaches great importance to the intellectual property rights of others.
Earlier Tuesday afternoon, lulululemon\'s share price rose slightly.
Down 1 in Amour. 2%.
The hit show on Netflix Street left a deep impression: Netflix gave up its quarterly subscriber estimate and released reliable guidance(NFLX -Get Report)
Eric Jhonsa of TheStreet said its stock was ahead of itself after rising 31% so far in 2017, greatly easing concerns.
The streaming giant also shows that it has reached a point where its scale provides a competitive advantage, which makes it even difficult to go deep
Jhonsa added that competitors in technology and the media have already made a full pot of keted.
In general, Netflix is an unstoppable beast because millennials like to watch movies on the couch.
Tesla Corporation: Tesla Corporation(TSLA -Get Report)
According to The Wall Street Journal, the company will add two new executives after investors have urged the electric car maker to increase its membership that is not closely related to CEO Elon Musk.
James Rupert Murdoch, CEO, 20
First Century Fox(FOXA)
Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of Johnson Publishing
According to a company blog post, it will join Tesla\'s board of directors.
According to the relationship map service BoardEx of TheStreet Inc. , although the new board members are indeed independent
They lack experience in the automotive industry, and the connection with the technology industry is not strong at best.
It seems a better idea to see that Tesla is burning money at an amazing speed and is going through the production ramp of Model 3, adding experienced cars or technicians to the board.
Meanwhile, Musk now clearly does not think his stock is overvalued because he was named by the street in his comments over the weekend.
Barclays lowered its advance micro-equipment (AMD -Get Report)
According to The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, the price target was $9, which rated it as under-weight with equal weight, saying the valuation was largely successful, but there is little evidence of stock gains.
Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis predicts the stock will plummet 35% from its current level.
AMD\'s share price has risen 23 since early June.
5%, while Nvidia (NVDA -Get Report)
In the context of a surge in gpu demand, it has risen nearly 14%, and the gpu is used to mine an alternative cryptocurrency called Ethereum (
Unit is called ether)
Anne Palmer reports.
A wave of bullish reports has since emerged, saying that increased demand for cryptocurrency mining could help Nvidia and AMD surpass the seasonally weak second-quarter, as well as other benefits.
But analysts said the gains could have been credited to the quarter as cryptocurrency prices fell sharply, with little remaining gains since.
Apple\'s latest news: some bearish apples (AAPL -Get Report)
Comments on Monday night were ignored, but Tuesday could be the focus.
Sherri Scribner, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, said expectations for Apple were too high, warning investors that they might be on 2018 and 2019
Scribner wrote that markets that are too optimistic about future sales \"ignore the fundamental challenges Apple faces in the smartphone market \".
These challenges include saturation due to extended update cycles, declining share, increased competition in China and growth in the secondary market.
Apple is the holding company of Jim Kramer\'s action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
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