lululemon drops under armour patent lawsuit over sports bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-03
Athletica Inc. of lulululemon.
Facing fierce competition from competitors
The clothing company dropped the case against Armour Inc.
Infringement patent for sports bra design.
The two companies jointly asked a judge in a federal court in Delaware last week to dismiss the lawsuit, and lululullemon claimed that several Armour sports bras violated two criss patents
The cross strap design copies the unique look of its energy bra.
Lululemon has little chance of attacking a competitor in court.
The company generally does not have a patent on the technology, fabric or process of making the product, using its patent design portfolio as the strongest adherence.
Lululemon warns investors that it must rely on these patents to defend against competitors who have more money in large marketing campaigns.
The lack of patents in Lululemon makes it vulnerable to Amazon attacks.
The world\'s largest sports brand raised its stakes last week.
In a supplementary document presented by investors, the company said it plans to invest more in product development for projects such as sports bras.
In order to highlight the new style of exercise and leisure, Nike in November.
1 pants studios will be opened in 5,000 stores, which will dwarf Lu Lumon\'s footprint in 421 locations.
Sports bras, as a clothing category, grow by more than 20% a year. over-
About $3 a year.
5 billion in the United StatesS.
According to A. , 2016T. Kearney. And Amazon. com Inc.
Has begun to enter the sportswear market, into the sportswear market.
Suppliers of clothing such as Yiheng Textile Co. , Ltd.
A Taiwanese company also produces clothing for Nike, Lu Meng and Xia Jia.
Under Armour has struggled this year as it continues to expand its base on football workout gear.
As of Monday\'s close, the company\'s share price has fallen 44% this year to become one of the worst --
Performance stocks in the S & P 500 index.
The company cut sharply Tuesday.
Revenue and earnings forecasts for this year show sales falling for the first time as a listed company.
The joint court document filed in Delaware last week did not include financial details of any potential settlement.
Lulullemon claims that the armor Eclipse low impact, the armor shape low impact, the UA in the mobile and UA printed strap bra and other products do not copy its energy bra correctly.
Officials in Vancouver, Canada
Baltimore based on Lululemon-
Under, based in Armour, did not immediately respond to calls and emails seeking comments.
In the complaint, Lululemon requested cash compensation, an order to prevent further infringement and to collect \"the total amount of profits realized by Under Armour\" from the infringement \".
\"In the case of the Canadian company of Athletica lulululemonv.
Company Xia Jia, 17-cv-00915, U. S.
District Court of Delaware (Wilmington). —
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