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lululemon athletica uses science to reinvent the sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-03
When it comes to sports bras, the long-standing idea is to keep the breast movement to a minimum during exercise, but lulululemon is turning the idea to the head.
After two years of development, from advances in neuroscience to the development of behavioral psychology, sportswear plans to launch the Enlite sports bra, which it hopes will meet the needs of their active consumers.
Alexandra Plante, innovative product manager and engineer at Lululemon Whitespace, led the creation of the bra.
\"The journey began more than two years ago when we started to study and test how women feel in sports bras,\" Plante said . \" He noted that the athlete has tested the style, which was created primarily for running.
\"The breast movement during running is very complicated and can be described as three-
Dimensions, moving in and out in multiple directions: up and down, side to side, in and out.
Our goal on Enlite bras is to create a product that can embrace motion by eliminating the sports elements that cause discomfort, so the innovation here is the way we treat sports management.
\"The bra itself encapsulates the cup, no.
A new high-performance fabric called Ultralu is adopted because it is light and breathable.
Starting today, this bra comes in 20 sizes and is retail for $98 at the lululullemon store and the company\'s website.
Their company will continue to offer current styles in this category, including Fast & Free Bra, Free to Be Bra and Energy Bra.
\"When it comes to Enlite, we throw away the rules manual about how the bra is usually designed and decide to start with the body at 3-
Table D, Plante notes.
\"The lightweight Spacer fabric used to make the Enlite breast cup is wrapped around the natural bending of the body and holds each breast separately --
Because each one moves alone, not as a single quality-
Organization is not compressed.
We then applied a unique combination of the package cups designed to soften the rebound.
\"Also207 met the grand fashion take-out: red running, bouquets and shows --
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