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luge fans rooting on chris mazdzer create a stir showing off their usa sports bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-03
Pyeongchang, Korea-
The Luge incident attracted more attention than just watching the thrill of an Olympic athlete speeding over 80 miles an hour on an icy runway.
With America now.
Theme sports bra in the crowd.
On Sunday, at 2018 Winter Olympics, three American women braved the cold in red, white and blue sports bras to cheer the American people. S.
While winning the silver medal, luger Chris Mazze became the first American to win the singles luger medal.
This moment may be the first commemoration of another Olympic Games: see the sports bra at minus temperature.
Mazdzer\'s girlfriend, Mara Marian and luger\'s sisters, Kate and Sarah, also joined the entourage of sports bras.
Kim Chris mazzd won the first medal silver medal in the US men\'s singles luge, \"I have to be with like-
Mazdzer said Monday: \"Someone with ideas because I will do the same thing, although so far he has chosen to wear a traditional luge body suit instead of a sports bra.
\"Yes, they are a little crazy.
I think normal people say I\'m crazy.
Sister Mazdzers in American clothes
Marianne said the theme sports bra was a way to support him at 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, and on her way to South Korea, Marianne asked her if she would like to join this time. “Yeah!
\"Yes, I will,\" she recalls Monday\'s response with a smile.
\"I think you \'ve agreed before you realize what it\'s going to be like.
\"What does this look like: When luger competes, the temperature is sometimes expressed in single digits
Weather is not suitable for wearing sports bra.
Marianne, 33, said: \"You can\'t feel anything at this moment . \".
\"I\'m just too nervous and excited, and then suddenly he\'s done and the next guy is leaving and you\'ll realize, \'where\'s my coat?
Apparently, Mazdzer is not the only one who responded positively to the sports bra.
\"People are really excited,\" said Marianne . \"
\"People send you messages on Twitter, send you messages, like \'For America!
They are very excited.
Nothing negative.
They thought it was interesting.
\"It does attract a lot of attention, and Chris likes it.
Chris likes to be watched and he likes things that are a bit crazy.
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