lori loughlin displays amazing abs at age 50

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-04
It has been 20 years since \"Full House\" left the air, but it is certain that Lori Loughlin is hotter than ever before.
Lori, 50, recently presented a seemingly relaxed yoga pose on Instagram, during which she showed amazing abs.
The actress, dressed in a simple pink sports bra and a black bodice, seriously gave her John steinmos a fortune on the screen when it comes to incredible aging. \"Strike a pose!
Yoga, \"Lori, 51, made the title on this photo on July 28.
Watch: Lori Loughlin starred in a scene in Full House last month with Andy Cohen and Jerry O\'Connell, the old actress has confirmed that she will appear in the upcoming \"Fuller\'s house \".
The Netflix series will focus on a present
Widowed DJ TannaFuller (
Candice Cameron bull)
When she raised her son with the help of her sister Stephanie Tanna (Jodi Sweetin)
And BFF Kimmy Gilber (Andrea Barber).
\"I\'m excited.
Lori told \"Good Morning America\" that it would be great to be back with the entire crew.
\"It\'s going to be fun and we\'re going to help Candice, Jody, and Andrea finish the new show. . .
We will come back to do the first episode and then maybe pop up here and there.
\"Watch: Bob Saget officially joined Netflix\'s\" full restart \"!
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