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london live blog, day 3: missy franklin rules

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-12
This is the first full working day of the 2012 London Olympics, which means millions of sports fans are trying to keep an eye on their favorite athletes
Between spreadsheets, meetings, and classes, whatever they do on a typical Monday.
This is not a typical Monday for Olympians, they are elated: the killing of Chicago, the espionage of the children, and almost all Olympic events will happen at some point today, so we will try to keep you ahead of the day\'s biggest event.
This is all 12 medals.
As the day unfolds, you can keep an eye on the winning events.
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Canadians work at 4x1005: 40: Beach volleyball is colder than your usual Olympic sport, as you might think.
There is a hype that warms the crowd.
They are speakers in Jamsover, York.
The Chinese team is wearing the most flattering sports bra/bikini top combination invented by human beings.
A beautiful spike: 5: 30: has today\'s Olympic record been broken? Yes!
The Guardian reported twice.
Matt Graves records of the American men\'s 100 m race
Women\'s 200 m backstroke and Chinese Ye Shiwen-
Individual medley.
So far, we have seen 14 new Olympic records and 5 new world records.
5: 20: Ryan Lochte tweeted, \"I\'m not very happy to swim tonight. . .
You live and learn.
I will be better tomorrow.
3: 50: Miss Franklin won 100-
After only 14 minutes of backstroke, swim hot to get the eighth seed of 200-
Jason Devaney of NBC pointed out that the m freestyle.
She did not calm down in the 14 minutes.
Instead, she did a great job diving because she didn\'t have enough time to go to the warm pool.
3: 40: Results: Breeja Larson in the United States 100-
But she did not.
However, she won sixth place when the match recovered.
Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania won the gold medal at 1: 05.
American Rebecca Sony won the silver medal at 1: 05.
At 1: 06 on the 55 th, Japan\'s Suzuki Zomi won the bronze medal. 46.
3: 15: Result: American matt grevers won the men 100-
Backstroke of 52 metres. 16.
American player Nick Toman came second with 52 points.
92, Japan\'s Irie Ryosuke won the bronze medal with 52. 97.
Meanwhile, American Miss Franklin won her first Olympic gold medal in the women\'s 100-meter race.
Backstroke with a time of 58 metres. 33.
Franklin has won bronze in the 4x100 freestyle relay.
Australian player Emily sebham came second with 58 points.
Japan\'s Aya Terakawa ranked third with 58 points. 83.
200 in men
French player Nicolas Agner won the gold medal, and South Korean player Tawan Park and Chinese player Yang Sun also won the silver medal.
American player Ryan Lochte was ranked fourth in the first place.
9 seconds behind the winner
2: 14: Performance Update: Wow, after a score query, the Japanese men\'s gymnastics team was hit by a silver medal (
See update below).
Now Britain has a bronze medal.
You can imagine booing in London.
The target of the survey was the score of Japanese star Xiaoping in the pommel horse competition.
2: 02: Result: despite being qualified for the first place, American men missed a medal in group gymnastics.
China won gold, silver in Britain and bronze in Ukraine. The U. S.
Swinging on the pommel horse, as the team decided not to include the pommel expert Alex naddur in the team, a weak event became even weaker.
Two of the men\'s biggest stars Darnell leva and John Orosco both fell.
They ranked sixth and 2 out of the third place.
It was Britain\'s first medal since 1912.
This is a celebration after the team\'s Louis Smith achieved better results in the US World Cup. S.
Coming to an end: 1: 23: The best point of the Olympic Basketball Championship (men or women)
Drama from Australia
For the French team this morning, the Australian team needed a match to force overtime: they still lost, but it was a good effort. (
Through Business Insider)
1: 15: Kobe Bryant was found in the crowd in the United States. S.
Volleyball match.
1: 10: Ryan Lochte brought a red one this weekend --white-and-
Grill with blue diamond inlays.
Olympic officials let him vomit, but it didn\'t stop him from getting his position.
Photo op medal station.
Photo Source: AP Photo/Canadian media Sean Kilpatrickm.
: We only walked a little more than half in the men\'s gymnastics rotation and China (
Which is the sixth qualified)
So far it has dominated the competition.
They took a mile in three of the six projects, leaving only more.
The pace of defending their 2008 Champions is fast. The U. S.
After the disastrous rotation of the vault, the team is struggling (
They are in eighth place)
We need to unite in order to win a medal.
12: 58: Brazilian player jidaka Felipe Keita broke his bronze medal after taking a shower on Saturday and then dropped.
Despite his carelessness, he was placed.
12: 57: Gold has given China two so far, expanding China\'s leading position in the United StatesS. to 8-3. They\'re up 14-
The total number of medals is 13.
12: 50: Result: Chinese player Li Xueying won the women\'s 58 kg weightlifting championship.
Sirisiri Sirikaew in Thailand is silver and Yuliya Kalina in Ukraine is copper.
12: 48: Another quick TV update if you want to watch something.
NBC Sports Net will turn to shooting and then start boxing at 1: 15.
MSNBC is still showing basketball to Russia and Brazil, but will start lifting weights at 1: 30.
Bravo will show the Williams sisters in two games. (
They both won singles earlier today.
The National Broadcasting Corporation\'s regular program is still playing the American women\'s volleyball match. Brazil.
12: 45: Break: The Swiss Olympic team expelled football players from the London Olympics for posting racist comments on Twitter. -
PP11: 51: Results: Japan\'s Matsumoto Kanori won a gold medal in judo (57kg)
Over Corinna Caprio, Romania
Russian player Mansour esayev won the gold medal in the men\'s 73 kg m race.
Riki Nakaya won the silver medal.
11: 37: Fast TV Update: NBC regular shows swimming preliminaries starting this morning and is expected to switch to the USS.
Brazil soon took part in the women\'s volleyball match. (
This will be live. )
MSNBC is playing a women\'s water polo match, followed by a women\'s basketball match between Russia and Brazil.
NBCSports Network and Bravo: still are still playing equestrian events.
Live broadcast of gymnastics competition.
11: 30: The men\'s gymnastics final is about to begin.
Since NBC will keep it in prime time tonight, it won\'t be on TV or on file, but you can watch it online.
11: 16: Result: Correction: Ugo Legrand just won bronze medal in judo (73kg)
In front of the president.
11: 01: The result: China, like in the past, won another gold medal in the diving competition.
The 10-meter synchronous platform goes to Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan.
Mexico received silver, and the United States received silver. S.
The teams David budia and Nicholas mclowry won the bronze medal.
The Great Britian just missed a medal in fourth place.
10: 50: French President Francois Hollande appeared in judo.
Two of his citizens have just missed the medal.
10: 40: Result: Malloy won her bronze medal with ippon (
Like a wrestling pin.
At 2: 25 of the game.
Walk here and jump to the mark for 1 hour and 33 minutes to see this important moment. 10:00 a. m.
: Come up right away.
American contestant Marty Marlow alloy won the bronze medal in the judo 57 kg.
The men\'s 10-meter final is underway.
Both of them are online. 9:15 a. m.
: It\'s great to go with Venus Williams now.
Hurry up, she\'s ready.
Serena is playing right now, so find her match online. 8:45 a. m. : TV update!
This is a show on TV.
It\'s wise if you want to flip the channel: As mentioned above, Bravo has tennis all day (
Federer starts at 9: 00;
The National Broadcasting Corporation Sports Network hosts equestrian events by 1: 00. m.
MSNBC is showing Spain.
The water polo competition is in China.
Anything you want to see, you have to go online.
Recommend 9: 00m. viewing?
Women\'s fencing sword ChampionshipSpain vs.
The women\'s handball match between Pakistan, Britain and Russia in the men\'s hockey match (9:30 start)and ping pong. 8:37 a. m.
: Tennis Update!
Roddick has just won his first game.
French player gasquette and Australian player Hewitt played a straight round. Roger Federer (9:00 a. m. )
S. player John Isner will play later today.
Television viewers noticed that Bravo was handling all the tennis reports for NBC. 8:23 a. m.
: In general, we are not fans of TV footage of anxious parents in the crowd. (
They didn\'t add anything to the broadcast, and the parents on the stage were the worst. )
Still, it\'s fun to watch Aly Raisman\'s mom and dad and their daughter do seat gymnastics on the uneven bars than at the time of the match. 8:02 a. m.
: Result: Romanian Arlene molevano won the gold medal in the men\'s 10 m air rifle.
Niccolo Campriani of Italy won the silver medal and Gagan Narang of India won the bronze medal. 5:25 a. m.
: An interesting note for the weekend: when 16-year-
Chinese swimming veteran Ye Shiwen won 400-
Last Saturday, she set a world record in the final of the 28-year swimming 50 m. 93 seconds.
Ryan Lochte, who won the men\'s championship on the same day, made a tour on the 29 th. 10.
Apparently, some people question how a teenage girl can surpass the fastest person and break the world record without the help of special water --
After 2008, the cut swimsuit is banned, but we will appreciate the feat. 4:35 a. m.
: From about 4: 00, this is the case now. m.
East to around 6: 00 in the morningm. Archery (
Individual elimination);
Badminton Singles
Women\'s basketball (Croatia vs. China);
Beach volleyball (
Currently broadcast on NBC Sports Channel);
Female handball (Croatia vs. Angola);
Men\'s Hockey (New Zealand vs. Korea); Judo; Rowing; Shooting;
Women\'s volleyball team.
NBCOlympics should be available for online viewing.
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