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lingerie to flatter your body shape

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-05
If you are not sure what the most flattering underwear is for your figure, then I have some good suggestions to help you choose the sexiest underwear style for your figure!
First of all, make sure you highlight your best features, whether they are great legs, killer cleavage or the rear of bodybuilding.
Once you know what you want to show off (or hide! )
You are on the way to pick the right style of underwear for you.
Is there a killer cleavage?
Then you must show off!
The underwear bra is perfect for lifting the chest, and it can also give you a great cleavage depending on the style of the bra!
The balcony style bra is perfect for lifting and contouring while plunging or pushing
Bra will bring you cleavage!
Basques and bodice are also great for lifting your breasts, and they also highlight your waist and cover your belly --
No wonder we love them!
While matching bras and panties is a classic combination, they are not always the most flattering option for everyone.
So, if you\'re looking for underwear, you can take off your clothes to impress others, and you\'re aware of your belly or thighs and you might consider another option.
Sexy shirts or dolls are perfect for hiding pieces!
According to the style of the doll, the flowing skirt is great for hiding the belly and the top of the thigh --
Especially when you avoid too pure material.
We love shirts for the same reason, in fact, they are usually more than just a doll, and there are a lot of sexy styles and fabrics to choose from --
They always look sexy!
The best thing about basks and bodice is that they are not only very sexy for the bedroom, but also great for wearing a shoulder-less dress, if you want to be sexy, you can even wear it yourself!
Not only do they give you a good cleavage, but they also give you a lot of support and boost, which means they are great for women with big and small breasts.
Also, their belly and hips are very flattering and sexy!
Make sure you think about what your bra, Basque or bodice will wear.
They usually bring panties, shorts, thongs or g-if you buy one-string.
So think about what is the most flattering style for your figure. Thongs or g-
Strings mean that if you wear a bra, Basque bra, or bodice, your rear will be the main focus!
But if your hips are not one of your best assets, you may want to replace them with shorts, underpants, or French shorts.
Or, a sexy way to attract attention is to wear some sexy stockings or hugs --
To highlight your legs.
Though if you highlight your cleavage with a killer bra, Basque bra or corset, we can guarantee that almost all eyes will be drawn there!
But any excuse to wear stockings or hugs
Ups is a good choice!
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