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lingerie poll shows men prefer thongs and push-up bras. surprise, surprise.

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-12
Thong, shorts, bikini-
When it comes to underwear, all women have their own preferences.
It turns out that the same is true for men.
Women have a lot of choices, and the lack of men is basic.
In Huffington Post, we firmly believe that no matter what others think, everyone should choose underwear for themselves.
That is to say, it is always interesting to take a photo of a person.
So we work with AskMen.
Com conducted a survey asking about underwear preferences for more than 2,700 men.
Below, we compile the results into an infographic created by our own Jessica Kane.
For our thoughts on the matter, scroll all the way to the bottom.
Not surprisingly, most men prefer women.
However, bras and thongs, bralettes and cheeky underpants are available for almost a few seconds.
Although some results are not shocking-
Looks like most men don\'t even know how much a bra will cost. -
We were pleasantly surprised by other reactions.
A question asks the man, \"If you don\'t like women\'s underwear, will it become a deal breaker at a party event?
\"Thankfully, up to 92% said no.
Another man asked, \"Why are you buying underwear for a woman?
68% of men responded \"making her sexy \".
\"A pollster said in response to the survey,\" I was happy when she was happy.
Women are such wonderful creatures.
It was all about letting her know that she was worshipped. \" PREACH.
The survey was conducted on AskMen. July 8-
16, 2015, the number of respondents per question is between 797 men and 2,830 men.
Bra photos in the infographic are provided by the networkA-Porter (
Click through Bralette, push-
Shoulder-less bra, sports bra and lacey bra).
The underwear photo in the Information Chart is my underwear (
Click on this bikini, boyshort, simple and thong).
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