lingerie backlash gives gta’s knix wear an edge

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-13
Independent lingerie brands are booming in GTA and across the country, bypassing the old catwalk route and turning to the crowd --
Social media and direct producers-to-consumer sales.
New bra line wear-resistant from Knixa three-year-old, Toronto-
Underwear start-up
It attracted more than 13,500 online funders and wallets through Kickstarter, raising $1.
40 days last fall 6 million
In the first four days of the campaign, Knix Wear\'s evolved bra received more than 70,000 orders.
The company has shipped goods to 35 countries and from Ethiopia to Malaysia.
It now costs more than $1.
Pre-500 million
According to Kickstarter\'s website, a bra was ordered and more money was raised than any other Kickstarter fashion event.
\"The idea has evolved with a day of active women,\" said founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths . \".
\"Nevertheless, the universal appeal of this product is still surprising to us.
\"Wireless Evolution Bra claims to be a hybrid underwear that can go from office to gym,\" from train to trail \".
\"Versatile, form-
Underwear top fits as a chic pseudo
Sports bra with adjustable straps and sizes ranging from 5b to 42F.
Kickstarter was launched in September and will start production in China for just $30,000.
Knix Wear\'s underwear is already on the shelves in Hudson Bay, and only a few necessities are needed to reach the door through the Bloomingdale hotel. com.
Although completely reversible with a series of high
Additional technical clothing terms-
\"Bonding structure\", \"moisture-\"Anti-sweat\"\"Removing microorganisms\"odourizing” —
Evolution is not the first bra to provide improved comfort.
Industry watchers and Super media say the first underwear
Colada Harrington, blogger
\"Wild bra, wireless bra, bra-
\"The popularity of these sites is soaring,\" Harrington said . \" Harrington\'s underwear lover blog has 300,000 unique visitors each month.
This trend is part of a response to the \"glamazon\" aesthetics promoted by brands such as Victoria Secret and La Senza
All owned by L brand company—
\"Underwear just gets thinner and thinner or push your breasts up.
\"Leading the lingerie rally is agile independence upstart, many in Canada, where they can avoid the old, slow fashion Star Road in the new online business network.
\"The trade show is the way you enter the boutique;
\"Boutiques are the way you sell products to customers,\" Harrington said . \".
Now, producers with little start-up capital can skip these channels and get in touch with customers directly through fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, as well as social media, \"to some extent, five or seven years ago, it was impossible.
\"Instagram and other social media platforms encourage this growth of independent brands, not only giving them the opportunity to advertise, but also giving them the opportunity to actually advertise,\" Harrington said . \". More grass
The root marketing approach is driving a paradigm shift in intimacy --
Or at least re-adjust: \"women\'s feelings about underwear are changing. . .
Not a lot of cleavage is acceptable and less stressful for heavy filling.
Despite the success of young community craftsmen in selling soft
Industry giants like Victoria\'s Secret still dominate.
The company has more than 1,100 stores and online shopping, earning more than $7. 2 billion (U. S. )
Net global sales in 2014.
This is equivalent to $1. 2-
Billions of profits, sales growth of 6 percentage points.
\"They don\'t respond very well to trends, but basically they are making a profit every quarter,\" Harrington said . \".
A series of independent startups
From the prairie to the province of Labelle-
Want your business intimately. A four-year-
Sokoloff lingerie, an old company in Sokoloff LingerieMontreal, provides underwear for a market that is tired of two obvious extremes: \"A Pin
The products for teenagers are very cheap and made in China. . .
Big brands from Europe are very expensive, \"said founder Sophia Sokolov.
Which custom is her brand? makes its (under)
Items from Simons to Nordstrom in Quebec are on the shelves.
The online sales launched in January have been linked-
Even within Canada, there are more than 90 stores shopping.
The challenge now, Sokolov said, is to find talented local seamstresses in time to meet the needs.
Ohhh LuluSarah Norwood launched Ohhh Lulu in 2010 and continues to cut, sew and pack each piece of underwear on its own, tailored to customer specifications and on Etsy
\"I stumbled upon underwear because there was indeed a lack of diversity in the market.
I want unstructured underwear with bold prints and unexpected fabrics.
Living in a small town, it is almost impossible to find, \"said the resident of Ont Orillia.
\"I was petite and had a very small band and a bigger chest.
In Victoria\'s Secret or La Senza, I have never been integrated into anything, which is always very frustrating for me.
I would like to provide an affordable alternative for people who are not very suitable for sample sizes, \"Norwood added.
She wants to work with Canadian manufacturers and exporters to get in touch with ready boutiques and large retailersCollection.
Based in Toronto, biweekly lingerie is recognized globally with its long-line bra designed to be comfortable without padding or underwear.
Founder Christina Remenyi said her design was inspired by the tight-fitting costumes of ballet Russia --
Although a little cheaper than Anna Pavlova
Ups and chemicals are a little less than massUnderwear produced.
There is a motto on the website that women should \"burn the padded push-ups\" and every piece of underwear is in-
In a studio in Parkdale.
Last year, August and August, Alesha Frederickson\'s underwear in Winnipeg was mainly caused by cable discomfort and push-
Bra like SWAT gear and horrible red lace underwear.
The startup has 2,500 Instagram fans and hundreds of followers.
Although the business has been on hold for the past few months, clothing sewn under garters has been put on hold.
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