lingerie ads nixed due to plus-sized model?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-04
A plus-
ABC and Fox initially refused to advertise underwear from plus apparel maker Ryan Bryant, causing huge controversysized women.
Advertising features plus-
Model Ashley Graham
At first, ABC won\'t play on Dancing With The Stars, and Fox refuses to play on American Idol.
\"Now, both of them will obviously air it ---
But only in the later stages of the show, outside the time when it is considered too early to run vivid materials.
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Allegations and denials have been spreading in all directions, and Ryan Bryant claims to be implementing double standards because of Victoria\'s Secret commercial advertising (
Thinner models in the same funky outfit)
Run at an earlier time slot.
Graham said on The Morning Show on Saturday morning that it all discriminated against plus --sized women.
Kobe\'s ads will be played, \"it\'s really sad,\" but until then --
The so-called family time is over, she works together
Anchor Chris Wragge
\"I know there are a lot of women like me who are watching American Idol and Dancing with the stars who want to see themselves on the TV screen.
I feel sorry for this advantage.
Women who do not see this must be part of discrimination.
\"Photos: Graham, Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show, observed,\" Victoria\'s Secret ads were on air all day, but when it comes to commercial ads for Lane Bryant, you know, we had some extra stuff that spilled over and then everyone was freaking out.
She thinks it\'s because \"are you too much ? \"? \" Wragge asked.
\"I think so,\" Graham replied . \"
Wragge wants to know if the content of the ad is inappropriate: \"you are texting your boyfriend with underwear.
Do you think they want to stay away from deeper information?
\"I don\'t think so,\" Graham replied, \"considering that Victoria\'s Secret model was showing off and dancing around in clothes that were basically not worn, and then for me, to get ready to meet a boyfriend in underwear, I don\'t see any difference between the two stories.
Graham said she never thought her ads would cause such a big mess.
\"Oh, my God!
She said loudly.
\"I am very honored to be part of the ad, representing women of my size, and we can be confident and sexy in our underwear and broadcast on TV.
\"The flip page on the ad is actually funny to me, considering all the media attention that plus girls have received recently.
We stripped off our clothes in all kinds of magazines.
I\'m naked in Oprah this month.
Is this a bigger story than this? .
It shocked me very much.
\"Is it Ryan Bryant who knows what\'s going to happen and has advertised for attention?
\"It\'s great for Ryan Bryant,\" Graham said . \".
\"I don\'t think they\'re using me for promotional gimmicks themselves, but I think it\'s great for them.
But I don\'t think there\'s any publicity stunt.
\"So Ryan Bryant has no ulterior motives?
\"I don\'t know,\" Graham replied . \"
\"I haven\'t actually asked this question.
ABC issued the statement on Ryan Bryant: \"their statement is incorrect.
Ads are accepted to play in Dancing With The Stars.
\"Lane Bryant\'s treatment of the same product is no different from that of any advertiser.
We are willing to accept them, but they have chosen to seek publicity.
Fox Entertainment released the statement, and Ryan Bryant filed an underwear advertisement at eight o\'clock P. M. on American Idol.
\"Because 8 p. m.
Hours are considered \"family hours\" and we ask them to do some editing.
Ryan Bryant refused. they didn\'t want to change the advertisement.
We do agree to advertise at nine o\'clock P. M.
Fox plans to broadcast ads during nine on Wednesday, April 28. m. hour.
Ryan Bryant released this press release: Ryan Bryant issued a memorandum from ABC Company
Reject its Cacique ads from multiple shows including Dancing With Stars.
The memorandum of April 9, 2010 stated that \"upon approval, the commercial advertisement is restricted to the following programmes/time periods (ET)
: After nine o\'clock P. M. : extreme makeup, Family Edition and Wikipedia, Disney animation Wonderful World, Disney Wonderful World, dancing with stars, the most interesting videos in the United States, game shows.
\"ABC\'s statement is that\" Lane Bryant is treated with nothing different from any advertiser for the same product \", which is not true at all.
It wasn\'t until we were rejected and put forward the fact that they were operating under double standards that they reluctantly agreed to put us in the last cabin of the project.
Before our ads were rejected, Victoria\'s Secret ads were already on dance with the stars and were not subject to the same restrictions.
We have a track record of the ads they broadcast in the early hours, \"said a spokesman for Lane Bryant.
\"There is no reason why we were downgraded to the back of the bus, because our ads are no more dangerous than Victoria\'s Secret ads.
The only difference is the size of our model.
A spokesman for Lane Bryant added: \"We have better expectations for a company owned by Disney . \".
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