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Leggings Review - Under Armour Vs BodyPost

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-04-20
In my quest discover a warm, comfortable and trendy pair of legging style yoga pants, I have reviewed the offerings of two of the leading brands on the market today BodyPost and Under Armour. BodyPost have recently added these new long pants to his or her 'Athletic Generator' range, and I wanted to see if their performance actually matched the hype. The Under Armour 'UA Base Leggings' can provide some great reviews, and I was undecided which ones would be most suitable for my impending winter vacation. Here were my findings: Style and Color: The BodyPost leggings come in two options - Black with a contrasting lemon stitching all over pockets and relating to the back, or black with lilac form a contrast. They have flattering flared legs, and give a 'fitted' appearance without looking tight. The UA bottoms likewise two options - black with pacific blue contrast, or pacific blue by using a lilac contrast. Include a very tight appearance, which Towards the gym would highlight every imperfection, and be flattering only more than a slimmest figures. Verdict - The BodyPost bottoms your definite style winner when it to be able to design. They actually are a much more forgiving and figure enhancing fit. Also, eliminating choices are more classy, as I discovered the pacific blue choice offered by Under Armour to be overly bright; not something I would feel comfortable dressed up in. Performance: Both these kinds of legging style bottomsfeature their own stay cool and stay dry technology, is actually perfect for winter activities, when you can acquire hot and sweaty even though the temperature is cold. They both feature anti-bacterial technology integrated into the fabric, might be welcome during prolonged wear. The Under Armour bottoms are designed solely for physical activity, whereas the BodyPost ones can also double up as casual wear. Verdict: The Under Armour yoga pants would be great as an extra layer worn under other pants during extreme cold greatly assist tight fit. Would likely also be good when going on a long run during cold weather. The 'Athletic Generator' ones would be more versatile, as they perform well during all types of activities, and is likewise worn as leisure wear. Durability: Both pants are of associated with excellent quality, value materials, and are machine washable, with fast drying textiles. This would make them both worthy of everyday use. Verdict: Too in order to call Price: The UA Base leggings cost a hefty $69.99, while the Athletic Generators breeze in at $38.50. Both include free delivering. Verdict: The BodyPost pants definitely nail it here! Final verdict: Made from all the above points, the clear winner for me is the BodyPost Hybreeze Athletic Makers. The UA bottoms were strong contenders on certain points, for example, very easily needed some bottoms to wear under other ones for extremely cold conditions I would probably choose these. However, for my own needs, the harsh colors, tight fitting style and high price tag did put me off. The BodyPost version is by far the most versatile and stylish route.
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