Launch of Tried And Tested Ancient Vishaad Yoga

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-04-21
When the first Europeans came to India, they discovered much which was beyond their comprehension, the language, the food, the habits and traditions and most peculiar of all were the practices of the Yogi's. Four hundred years after '1st Contact', the medical and political establishments of the West are finally beginning to begrudgingly accept that the physical practices of Yoga have a rejuvenating effect on a person's body, and this acceptance has been driven not by the medical and scientific professionals, but in the general public taking up yoga in ever increasing numbers, and finding in their own business that it improves themselves. With the dramatic grow in stress, Depression and mental illnesses being reported daily, even in the worldwide mainstream press and but not just medical journals, the West needs to take the next leap forward in its understanding of Yoga - the exploration of the Psychological and Mental benefits which appropriate specialised Yoga practices can deliver review is now an a few urgency. That there is a specific 'Yoga of Depression' will come as a surprise to many but there is, and it has been used throughout India's history enable alleviate illnesses which their very own roots in the mind. Vishaad Yoga, the 'Yoga for Depression' reveals and teaches the knowledge and practices necessary to remove all negative thoughts and operations from a Mind to ensure the state of Yoga may be possible. Many of the most esoteric and arcane Yoga scriptures have now been translated and then contemporized into concepts and practices which are suitable for a modern European mind-set, with its non-Indian construct and its own specific flavours of light and dark. Europeans who haven't been brought up with the cultural concepts of Indian traditions since birth, who then receive access to the original 'Hindu centric / Indian culture oriented' guidance of the Indian Yoga Psychology texts, too often end up in confusion or delusion whilst still a long way from the goal. The European outlook is in lots of ways a more organised and structured one and demands an easier degree of reasoning and sequential logic, than the traditional Indian mind set, which has historically been more devotional and quite very happy pray to trees, rivers and anything that sits still for very long enough! In this European 'reason based' mental structure lies greater suitability for the guidance of Vishaad Yoga, yet when a powerful, reasoning mind is supplied with false information and avidya (knowledge that leads to suffering) this type of mind falls far deeper into Vishaad (deepest despair or Depression) than the worshipful Eastern psyche. As it is discouraging for a traditional Indian mind to know the subtle nuances and psychological knots of an European mind, the converse also applies, what's been needed could be the appearance of minds which have naturally developed with a synthesis of the two cultures, whilst still being immersed in classical Yoga - only thus can a true bridge be made across which the Yoga Scriptures can flow and the construction of this internal bridge has been our mission for many people years and Vishaad Yoga - the Yoga of Depression, represents the culmination of our makes an attempt. The Vishaad Yoga teachings contain one of the most powerful techniques for healing a mind which is faltering in crisis, despair or depression. They've got never been more needed as CNBC reported only this week. A growing number of worldwide and European health our body is warning that the introduction and intensification of austerity measures has brought about a sharp rise in mental health problems with suicide rates, abusive drinking and requests for anti-depressants increasing as people struggle when using the psychological price living the European-wide economic slump.' Vishaad Yoga, the 'yoga for depression and anxiety' is assessed for new and and critically relevant means to help individuals and organizations to meet and even thrive in the current most challenging of opportunities. We shall be holding workshops at the OM Yoga Show 2012 at Olympia this year and expect to answering any concerns. As Voltaire said, 'Armies cannot stop an idea whose The years have come'. and Vishaad Yoga's time is now!
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