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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-15
In the near future, Karl Lagerfeld will be a milestone in fashion.
He will be working at Fendi for 50 years, designing interesting fur and brain ready --to-wear. Mr.
Lagerfeld hasn\'t spent half of it yet.
Looking out the window for the century.
He also works for Chanel.
Recently, he hyped his name on a company\'s product. or-die rate.
According to the design, at least one part of his brain remains slow and simulated in thinking and has made extensive explorations of the past.
I suspect that it was this part that took him so long in a place.
But the other part is being highly vigilant and responsive, constantly moving towards new ideas and devouring them.
For good reason, people compare him to a shark.
Whatever the reason is leading to an important combination of comfort and hardshipwired, Mr.
Lagerfield continues.
Inspire yourself.
Fendi prefers the idea of digital technology to Chanel;
This season, he used words such as \"informatics\" and \"hyperlinks\" to describe the modular design of clothing and the grid pattern.
He probably doesn\'t know what these terms mean.
But the language and images of the network give him an idea, and that\'s how he reacts.
In fact, if you want to see better ideas at the opening of the Fendi show, wearing overlapping laser panels --
This will be the lighting sculpture of James Terrell in the circular hall of Guggenheim, with its gradient and minimal composition tones. Mr.
Lagerfeld is clearly limited by the surface and function of the garment.
He is also keen to apply Fendi\'s skills, especially the fur skills, to his visual statements about light, patterns and colors.
\"Light\" also means weightlessness.
He achieved this harmony throughout the show, but you see the most in the opening organza gown and those that finish the grid pattern with shaving installed on organza
Typically, they are done in three slightly different patterns, three solid colors, and transparent tissue allows light to pass through.
Commenting on the Turrell show, Peter Schjeldahl of The New Yorker noted that the device \"exceeds a trend for contemporary artists, favored by art institutions, moving towards noisy, wonderful performances and performances.
\"Well, fashion is very smart at the moment --
There are too many fancy fabrics and color bumps in traditional shapes.
Since designers have to roll out new collections every few months, this subtle design is unattractive.
Also, you need someone who works hard and thinks fast like Mr. Lagerfeld.
Prada\'s performance is definitely a big scene.
This is what editors and buyers expect from Miuccia Prada.
In June, I loved her spring men\'s show just because her creepy paradise theme made me wonder if she was cunning to quote Michelle hulebeck\'s novel.
The night before, her woman\'s performance felt a little stingy, despite the saturated color of the illustrations on the dress and the uneven, reflecting the illustrations on the walls of Prada\'s performance space.
In the presentation, the company invited four muralists and two illustrators to create works around themes of women, power and diversity.
According to Prada, the concept stems from an interest in the art of Mexican political murals.
In a sense, the vigorous energy of art works
This is done by artists in space.
Repeated it in the clothes.
But in another sense, it feels that the energy and spirit of women\'s power is simply imitated in overloaded designs, the shape and fabric in the Prada archives.
The most striking design is a viscose knit sleeveless dress that triggers sportswear (
The model is wearing sports socks and sandals).
They expect most women to feel a physical atmosphere. But if Ms.
Prada has proved to a large extent the power of women and it is difficult to understand why she includes dresses designed by cheerleaders and bras.
My assumption is that she knows young women will find themselves cute.
At Gucci, Frida Giannini joined forces.
Dressed in style, such as sportswear and flowing beach costumes, inspired by the new art style of Erté.
This is an interesting idea that helps soften the brand.
But I have been thinking, where should the people in these clothes be?
Their black mesh bra and streaming tie look too exposed for the city. A yacht?
Modern apartment building in Shanghai?
You need some imagination. I don\'t think it\'s a bad thing.
Today, in Italy, the \"pearl\" pencil skirt of MaxMara
Beige linen with cashmere sweater or etched
It looks like the cowboy is separated in the ordinary tone design (
News reports mention a monochrome painting by Robert Lehmann)
It looks modest.
They are not in tune with the times.
Instead, they seem to be a buffer.
With so many beautiful clothes on the runway, people began to crave a simple summer dress.
Italian sportswear seems to have disappeared.
Todd has hired Alexander farchetti, who started his career at Prada, to make sportswear and accessories.
She made a small start on Friday, but it was great.
There is a lovely rust and light pink cotton shirt with a collection on the back, a light blue cotton loose set with unique leather and a lively version of Todd\'s moccasin.
Donatella Versace\'s collection is just a jump, printed glitter skirt and bus on her skyscraper platform (
Or mesh silk shorts with wrinkles on the back)
National TV celebrities.
This is not a bad thing either.
Because with her brave intuition
Versace responded to her world.
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