Ladies, are your breasts too bouncy?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-31
We can\'t let the week pass without calling out the evil genius who is responsible for America. K. -
Motion bra based on shock absorber, its appeal and pseudo
Rebound in science
The \"Ometer\" website is circulating around the blog this week. The bounce-o-
Meter allows users to \"measure\" their breast bounce, but the site uses Flash-
The animation simulator shows comfortable, stationary shock absorbers-
A bra next to a soft, unsupported nude bra.
This is too cunning for me.
The site provides visitors with a bare female torso with bouncing breasts.
Then, those who are opened by bouncing breasts and those who are shocked to see bouncing breasts in a non-pornographic setting
Mail the link to their friends or write a blog post about the site. (
There\'s a title here that says \"not too pornographic, but it does. . .
Monkeypup: \"shock absorber rebound-
Ometer is the coolest sport-bra ever.
Why is it because it has a website that lets you pick the size of the chest and the level of activity and then lets you see a chick in a sports outfitbra run.
In contrast, it has the same chicken running without the top.
Yes, I heard it.
I\'m a dirty man.
What will you do \")
Therefore, the free publicity of the head of the shock absorber has dropped (
Or breast (as the case may be).
But things will get better: women who may really want sports bras will visit the site due to hype.
There, not only will they find naked Tatars, but sports --
Bra scare tactics
The animated introduction to the site announced, \"during the campaign, unsupported breast bounces up to 14 cm.
A rebound that is not supported may result in permanent damage.
\"Of course, the way to prevent this permanent damage is to hit yourself in the shock absorber, as the rock shows --
In the convenient rebound of the hard nurse-o-
Instrument simulation.
Strangely, the breast that is not supported in the reboundo-
The meter doesn\'t even look as elastic as it really is.
Life without breasts-
The nipples were shocked, but even in F-cup breasts.
Maybe this is to stimulate the anxiety of customers. -
My chest will bounce more than this!
I may need three shock absorbers.
Alternatively, Flash may not be well suited to the challenge of simulating a woman\'s body.
Rebound for whatever reason-o-
The meter may be most suitable for entertainment purposes;
Those who are really worried about breast health should look elsewhere.
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