Kundalini Yoga With a Modern Twist

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-04-21
Kundalini yoga is certainly a powerful discipline that produce fast latest shopping results for those practicing its meditations and yoga sets. Today, one of several most beloved and well-respected teachers, Maya Fiennes, provides a thorough collection of instructional DVDs and music CDs that place a bit that are of a modern spin on that ancient form of yoga. Just learning a little of your background of this Macedonian-born teacher makes many people wish they could know her even more beneficial. Anyone looking for additional information about Kundalini yoga will definitely benefit from the upbeat personality and inspirational approach that Maya Fiennes lends to this associated with yoga. Based upon the initial teaching of Yogi Bhajan, Maya puts a fun and modern twist on Kundalini yoga that resonates well with today's fast-paced life. In addition to exceptional instruction, she's also a very gifted musician. She writes, records, and arranges the associated with music alone, as well as with her husband, Magnus Fiennes. her most popular releases is, 'Mood Mantras.' This beautiful music is well known and it's a well known fact that one may even hear a song or two using a trendy yoga recording studio. It is refreshing to find part of this community which has found such a nice balance between exactly what the modern world demands and the beneficial, traditional beliefs and practices of ancient Kundalini yoga. Maya Fiennes makes the introduction and study of this style of yoga fun and empowering. Her upbeat series of videos appeals to those practicing at a variety of skill levels. Maya's, 'Journey through the Chakras,' 7-DVD set takes its viewers through a detailed journey through the chakras and all within the convenience their home. That is a great way beginner to explore the practice of Kundalini yoga along with no large investment. Just about anyone in the market that's looking for Maya Fiennes DVDs or books will appreciate the vast selection that's provided Yoga Technology. More secure Web site comprises of full collection for one very reasonable price. In fact, Yoga Technology is well-known for its extremely reasonable prices and wide range of merchandise. Visit http://www.yogatech.com to see a gigantic collection of lessons, books, DVDs, a great deal more today. It's straightforward to search rrn your favorite author or teacher and you will find tons of sample clips to help demonstrate the worth every product featured on their site.
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