kournikova to quit?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-29
Tennis will soon give up for entertainment. NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-
Celebrity tennis player Anna Kournikova is about to retire from competitive sports and start her entertainment career.
The BBC reported on Tuesday that Russia
The natural beauty \"gave her the strongest hint\" and her gaming era is over.
According to the BBC, \"I don\'t want to continue playing unless I can attend 100%,\" she said at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo last week.
\"I can\'t cope with the strict schedule of major events.
Kournikova, 22, suffered from chronic back pain and only played five games in 2003.
She missed Wimbledon and the US Open. S.
Tennis Open, currently ranked 302 in the World Tennis Association women\'s rankings.
According to WTA, she won only $40,000 in bonuses this year.
Although she was among the top 10 in the world at the end of 1990, Kournikova never won the WTA singles title.
However, she has been outstanding in the sponsorship circle and is reported to receive $15 million in endorsement revenue every year.
For example, on August, she signed an agreement with the British shock absorber company.
Introduce the multi-directional sports bra of Kournikova.
Amazon online retailer
Com EXCLUSIVE acquisition of the United StatesS.
Sales rights for the first month after the bra was released.
She has also served advertisers such as Omega watches, Adidas sneakers and Belle underwear.
According to search engine Lycos (
She also advertised for them)
There are more than 89,000 personal websites dedicated to Kournikova.
If it is about to retire, the celebrity of Kournikova may work as an acting or television announcer.
\"I would love to be in places like Sex and City,\" she told reporters . \".
\"I got a lot of work like this, but I never had time to pursue it because of my tennis.
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