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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-27
Regardless of sports or leisure, in daily life, we can always see the figure of the Korean version of casual sports suits. Today's sportswear is no longer exclusive to sports, and has already entered the ranks of daily casual wear. In recent years, the Korean version of casual wear The styles of sports suits are constantly innovating, and new fabrics are constantly being discovered. The styles have gradually developed from the original sports exclusive to leisure sports; in addition to the previous polyester and cotton fabrics, icy silk and bamboo charcoal have been added to the custom-made clothing fabrics. Fiber and other new fabrics, more suitable for sports. Ingor has been focusing on sportswear for 19 years, specializing in custom Korean-style casual sports suits for teams, suitable for sports events, outdoor development, corporate training and other group activities. New Korean version of casual sports suit pictures High-quality Korean version of casual sports suits are not necessarily reflected in the price. Now that the Internet is so developed, the communication of information has become very convenient, and it is very difficult to make money by poor information. Everyone is pursuing high cost performance. Therefore, Korean casual sports suits have gradually developed to low-cost and high-quality routes. It ended the previous single situation of low-end low price and high-end high price. Ingor positions itself as a mid-to-high-end brand, and is determined to be the No. 1 brand of sportswear group buying in China. It has always insisted on making high-quality and high-quality Korean-style casual sports suits, taking the cost-effective route, allowing you to buy high-quality Korean-style casual sportswear manufacturer at low prices. sportswear. Related Recommendations: Team
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