kiwi women\'s bra habits revealed

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
Most Kiwi women have about 12 bras, but they only wear 5 of them a lot --
Never got out of the drawer for a quarter.
This is just one of many bras.
A recent survey of more than 4000 women across the country shows women\'s wearing habits.
The second annual \"bra event\" by Ross and Thorn lingerie also found that eight-in-one Kiwi women wore bras for a week or more before taking a shower.
Most people wear bras four times before they wash them.
Rose and throne director Debra Hall said that when they looked into the findings, women said the reason they delayed washing their clothes was because they thought the bras would be worn out.
\"One of the interesting things our bra guru says is that actually all the body wash and deodorant we use will attack the Leca in the bra and wash it more often than you do
After the first survey last year, the customer\'s response was very positive and the company decided to conduct a census again, Hall said.
\"I have a background in market research, so I know very well what wonderful things you will find if you just ask someone else,\" she said . \".
She said the number of bras owned and often worn remained unchanged at more than 2015 and 2016.
This is very interesting.
The same other thing is the most common favorite brablack and lacy.
\"I\'m not a fashionista, but Black still seems to be popular from my observations.
\"The rise in positive dress trends is also reflected in this year\'s survey, where all women in about a quarter said they would wear sports bras for purposes other than exercise.
\"I have a top that I love, it\'s casual, sporty, and looks great with my Calvin Klein sports bra,\" one interviewee wrote . \".
Women mainly choose comfort and support as the attributes they are looking for in their bras, which Hall says is a validation of Rose and Thorne.
\"We are looking for comfort and confidence.
\"The information collected in the census will be used to guide the design of the company\'s future bras, which can be found online and in warehouses where Ross and Thorn bras are stored.
\"From our point of view, you don\'t have to spend a lot of money on a bra that looks good to fit,\" Hall said . \".
\"Bras are one of many things that torture women in our lives in 100 --
It\'s not necessarily the case.
\"My mission is to change the life of women by changing a bra at a time.
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