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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-03
Ingor , a custom-made sportswear manufacturer for kindergartens, provides custom-made sportswear for kindergartens. Children's immune systems have not yet matured, and their immunity is relatively low. Therefore, special requirements for close-fitting clothes must be strictly enforced, and they cannot contain harmful substances. Ingor 's kindergarten sportswear is made of imported environmentally friendly raw materials, using international advanced sublimation technology, reactive and environmentally friendly dyeing, no chemical agents, quality in line with international environmental protection standards, harmless to the human body, very suitable for children to wear. Kindergarten sportswear is different from other leisure sports suits, because children's nature is to like to play, so the requirements for clothing are also to be more durable, tear-resistant, and formaldehyde-free, because there are too many unqualified products on the market. Clothing contains formaldehyde, which is very harmful to children's skin. The custom-made kindergarten sportswear provided by Ingor meets the above conditions. If you need a customized batch of kindergarten sportswear manufacturer, please contact us, trust Ingor , be healthy, wear Ingor !
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