Kendall Jenner Says She Faced Modeling Industry Bias: Designers \'\'Laughed at Me Behind My Back\'\'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-12
Kendall Jenner is heating for V magazine! The 19-year-
The latest phase of the old color increase V (out May 7).
In a black and white photo, keep up with the Kardashian star and sit on the back of a big dog with a lovely smile flashing.
Wearing sexy, funky tops and bras, Kendall comes with Calvin Klein underwear, jeans and black high heels to reveal some skin.
In another photo, Kendall sits in a chair wearing Calvin Klein sports bra and denim shorts, posing in a premium fashion pose.
On this issue, Kendall revealed that when she first started modeling, she faced obstacles and prejudices from the fashion industry.
\"You don\'t know how many doors are closed and how many adults are initially reluctant to take the risk of working with me or laugh at me directly behind my back,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a little hard because everything I do goes on --
See, as a teenager, do my best to break into the industry.
I am very grateful to Mark Jacobs, Ricardo Tisi, Karl Lagerfeld and Katie Grande for giving me a chance in the first season and giving me a chance.
My parents told me that professional ethics is one of the most important keys in life and I believe that.
Kendall is also raving about her upcoming Calvin Klein campaign.
\"This will be my first billboard at sunset and I\'m ecstatic about it,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s really humbling, and to be honest, I\'m a very shy person, but as part of the Calvin movement, there\'s a dream come true to see myself on it.
I may have dinner at Marmont Castle every night and hang it on my shoulder.
\"Oh, yes, that little thing I didn\'t notice! \'\"
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