kendall jenner rocks sports bra, skintight spandex on hike with jaden smith and friends—see the pics!

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-25
Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith and a group of friends went on a wild adventure on Saturday --for real!
Teenagers stroll through the path of Malibu, stroll through the picturesque woods, while enjoying the sun and company with each other.
19-year-old Kendall, who looks particularly fashionable in a healthy hangout, is wearing a sports bra and a tight stretch leggings to show her figure.
16-year-old Jaden and Kardashian are friends.
Jenner group for many years.
There are rumors that the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and Kelly Jenner, 17, are a project, but the two (mostly)
Their relationship has been diluted, claiming over and over again that they are just friends.
Last year, the star who kept pace with Kardashans told Cosmopolitan about her romantic history, saying, \"I don\'t want to say [
I\'m already in love.
But so far I have been very fascinated twice.
She did not name (ahem, Jaden)
But she did confirm that her \"last relationship lasted nearly three years \".
\"These days, however, there\'s a new man\'s name on Kylie\'s headline: Tyga!
However, neither the two men confirmed nor denied their identity --as the 25-year-
The old rapper said in a recent interview that if he \"falls in love\" with Kylie, it\'s \"anyone\'s business \".
\"If you\'re with someone and you like to be with that person, that\'s the most important thing,\" Tyga told 92 . \". 3 AMP radio.
\"I don\'t think what anyone can say will change that . . . . . . As a person, how I feel about her . . . . . . She is just a good person. she has a lot of energy. \"So. . . . that\'s that!
Back to Jaden and another Jenner gal though
Don\'t have any ideas.
Kendall has long refuted any similar romantic rumors.
She once told E: \"He\'s like my little brother ! \"!
The News, laughing and saying that someone would think it was \"so interesting \".
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