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kendall jenner models a sports bra while sister kylie has on a red one as they pose during new kylie + kendall pacsun video

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-28
Kylie and Kendall Jenner are seen in a video of their new PacSun line.
In a quick clip-
Released on Monday-
Sisters wear underwear, sportswear and casual fashion, just like professionals.
The title is \"Kendall Kylie fall 2018 is now available --
Thanks to everyone who has worked hard in this area.
When siblings hang out and pose in a mansion on the Los Angeles hills in the middle of a century, club music becomes more and more important.
The video was taken by Sophia Banks and shot by Michelle Laurita.
Kardashian\'s favorite Jen Atkin does hair.
Kylie, 21, showed her legs in a black and brown mini skirt and slipped into a university --
Sweaters in white, orange and black stripes.
Highlight her features with makeup, lip sleeve icons and motherof-
A lock that made her sweet on her shoulder.
She and Kendall pose on the stool, leaning against a mirror bar and shooting their best supermodel against the camera.
Kendall lit her enviable tight belly under the top of a striped black and salmon tube, revealing a black bag crossing --
The body on her right shoulderThe 22-year-
Old, now the only child of Chris Jenner\'s child who is not a parent, she plays with her legs in tight jeans. Her high-
The pan in the waist was cleverly torn, and she finished the stylish suit with a pair of gray suits
White sneakers.
When she was wearing a similar pair of jeans, she was wearing another cropped top that showed off her figure.
On that top, Kendall put on a canary-yellow hoodie with both hands in his pocket, posing in front of a leafy background.
Kendall was in half.
Turtlenecked olive green sweater in an elegant contrast to a gray plaid buttonup minskirt.
Kelly also has clothes.
Change clothes for her PacSun photo
Shoot, show her wildness on a character
Embrace the leopard print cocktail dress.
She wore a thin charcoal jacket and let it slip beautifully from her left shoulder, adding a touch of glitz to her glittering earrings.
The two sisters started their PacSun series in 2013, and two years later they were interviewed by Glamourmagazine about their work for the brand.
Kylie, who was only 17 years old at the time, said: \"Kendall and I are almost everything together, but as we grow, our interest is changing . \".
\"It\'s really good to be able to spend time on things we like and work closely together on that, because we can\'t always be together,\" the sister continued . \".
Kendall agreed, saying: \"We are sisters, so we always blame each other, but at the end of the day, we respect each other\'s opinions.
She shared, \"We gather together from beginning to end, so there\'s a little Kylie and me in every piece.
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