kelly sinoski: get in the right gear for running

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-22
Never underestimate your shortcomings. armour.
This is the advice we got from Vanda Borean in bubble the other day, the owners of rackets and runners, as well as the providers of excellent running knowledge, show us all the clothes we need on the treadmill, trail or runway.
In her brightly colored jacket and running shoes of different styles, we got a valuable lesson: Don\'t ignore your underwear.
When Vanda showed men running shorts, I remembered a guy from high school, a very good track --and-
Never through any (
The legend is like this, and I have not investigated the rumors myself)
Wondering if this did any harm to him.
But as a woman, what I\'m more interested in is what she thinks about bras, and she insists on properly installing and replacing them once a year to keep Cooper\'s ligaments from sagging.
Death of thought.
Over the years, I have calculated my bra size based on my friend\'s advice, \"We are almost big,\" until about ten years ago, when I downplayed the idea of getting married, I really have a suitable candidate.
Needless to say, I wasn\'t surprised when I found out I didn\'t know anything about bras, and my friends probably didn\'t.
Or maybe she did, but we\'re not the same size.
But it made me think of my bra and I decided to see what I had in the store.
I have at least one sports bra that fits perfectly.
No fitting belt and back-
But other people left a lot of things that they needed.
One of them looks like a bite by a rodent and can\'t even hold myself together, not to mention my precious cargo, which is too tight for the other, every time I try to get it off.
Absolute fearworthy.
If so far I have learned something in Sunshine running training, it is that Vanda is correct in terms of running gear.
I need to go shopping.
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