Keep Warm and Stay Fashionable This Winter

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-04-22
As cooler weather approaches, jeans can be a perfect way to make a way statement whilst keeping tender. They can be flared or pencil thin, and still keep legs and thighs from winter's chill. Winter fashion trends for 2012 are recommending a higher pant waist and a better fit at the thigh. The boot trend begun last season continues hard through 2012. Boot fabrics are often bunched in the ankle, offering a chunky construction that can spill well over the the surface of the foot. This season's boots can be perfectly flat, or bear a towering heel that tips toes down for a prancing look. Outrageously wild faux fur is making a fun fashion trend for cooler weather. Designers are going fuzzy on everything from earrings to shoes. Wear a faux fur vest in natural colours to secure a retro look that harkens back to the '60s. Fuzzy boots with criss-cross laces can give brown, black or grey jeans an updated look, and add extra warmth against wintry weather. Pencil thin skirts or slacks go well with knee boots to emulate a trending masculine flavor. Leather is a particularly good fabric for this appearance. Pair leather skirts or pants with a belted sweater coat for a style that is tall and sleek, but also heating up. Leather driving gloves, an oversized hobo bag with a clutch strap, and a wide-brimmed fedora hat can complete the look. Leggings are still an international part of the winter fashion scene. They look particularly good when combined with shorts, a knit dress, or belted tunic. Leggings worn with shooties (boot shoes) or with thigh-high boots are a kicky way to stay warm and look stylish to. Capes can also certainly way to stay warm and in style. A warm woolen cape over skinny jeans or a slim frock can add flair to an otherwise hum-drum outfit. Pair internet development with platform heels or boots to add height and keep the look from becoming too voluminous. The most fashionable colour pattern for 2011-2012 is concentrated in neutral shades. Deep charcoal to light smoky greys, subtle shades of taupe, and dusky woodland hues are setting a dark tone for the season. Metallic colours with a matte finish have also made an icy entrance to the winter fashion scene. Subtle shades of red, sea green, and honey will also current. It's easy keep in style although warm this winter season. Look to clothes in neutral colours that emphasise a slim leg and a wider upper body. Shoes or boots higher heels that tilt toes to the best point are just right. Faux fur can make a trendy statement on shoes or boots, as well as on vests, hats, purses and beyond. Have fun combining current styles, and keep warm and fashionable this winter.
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