katy perry googles \'katy perry hot\' to feel good about herself

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-06
Katy Perry insists she is the same as anyone else who has a sense of insecurity.
Wednesday morning, 32-year-
Old pop star Instagrammed\'s own push-and-shove photo-
Put on a bra and Daisy Duke shorts while squeezing lemon in the kitchen.
Katy Perry shouted.
Perry admits that she uploaded photos of her Google search because her last two posts made her feel insecure.
In a previous post posted on April 1, she joked that it would be the cover of her fourth album.
It highlights Perry\'s lack of makeup, messy hair and sports bra while sitting in front of the computer at will.
She hinted that it might have started in 1999.
Follow us on FACEBOOK and learn more about the entertainment news, fans find the pop singer\'s honesty very funny, but they also remind her to charge the phone, the battery charge of the phone seems to be only 9% left
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