kate hudson shows off her new baby\'s nursery

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-23
Kate Hudson may already be the mother of two beautiful boys, but that doesn\'t mean she\'s no longer so excited about the third child --a girl—
With boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.
Their little one is born any day now and Hudson and Fujikawa have done their duty to prepare for their children
More than one way.
On Tuesday, Hudson shared a series of video clips in her Instagram story showing how she and Fujikawa formed their child\'s nursery, from picking wallpaper to opening the cradle, everything went well to model the stroller.
In the clip, you can hear Hudson\'s comments on the $1,160 Snoo Smart Sleeper --to-
Tell Fujikawa, \"Oh, look at this.
You tied the baby up.
In another post, Hudson showed Fujikawa the finishing touches of the cradle he built himself.
\"He likes a project,\" the actress wrote in the title of the lens . \".
The last funny post shows fatherto-
When Fujikawa put on a stroller while checking his phone.
\"I think someone is ready,\" Hudson wrote . \" He also attached some heart-shaped emojis.
Hudson also uploaded a picture of herself lying on the couch in the living room with some friends, feeling her growing baby belly and laughing hysterically.
\"In order to get the full value of happiness, you have to have someone to share it,\" she added the label \"girlfriend\" to the title of the lens \".
\"Besides being with her girlfriend, Hudson has also been watching TV in bed, as she showed in a post on Instagram last month.
\"Working all day today and realizing that I should probably share some of my work life as it is an important part of my daily life. . .
I\'m too pregnant and lazy, so here\'s a picture of what I wish I was doing all day!
She did the title for the photo, which included a picture of the pregnant belly and a glass bowl full of watermelon.
On June, Hudson shared a very Zen photo of her face facing up on the yoga mat, with her limbs and head supported by pillows.
In the photo, she shows that she has
Big belly with sports bra and leggings suit.
In early September, she showed in her bathroom selfie the progress of her baby boom since then, during which she put on a colored brick red kimono with an orange bikini top underneath.
\"Outie,\" she made the title on the picture with reference to her prominent navel.
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