kate beckinsale shows off her toned midriff in sports bra and leggings

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-25
Hollywood superstar Kate Beckinsale was spotted walking around Beverly Hills on Saturday, and she looks forward-looking. The 45-year-
The old British actor is dressed in tight sportswear near Los Angeles.
Kate appeared in the store wearing a small white sports top, showing her infamous middle waist.
She wore tight leggings to show off her body-building legs-the outfit of the sports company Nike.
The actress\'s hair is tied to a simple bun, sporty but stylish.
Kate, hidden behind the big sunglasses, ensures her Hollywood charm.
Earlier this week, the star was a guest at the annual charm GQ male Awards ceremony in London.
Kate came to the red carpet wearing a charming and revealing Julian McDonnell gown, which made her famous.
Kate stom walked into the venue with her feet, and there was a rolling dress behind her.
A few hours later, it was speculated that Kate was the unsung star of the singer, Rona Keating.
To his colleagues
Host Harriet Scott said at the Magic FM breakfast today: \"You know the red carpet was backed up a bit.
Whatever you do, there\'s a little bit of a line up on the red carpet in all of these events.
\"Storm and I stand there and chat with Irene O\'Connor, the model and wife of Game of Thrones
\"We are chatting and it\'s a bit crazy and I can see this number is coming . . . . . . They are moving fast.
No one is with them. they are their own.
\"Bollywood-style clothing is very popular,\" he continued.
As they walk through us, through the queue, through the entire queue, straight to the top of the red carpet, in front of the photographer and boom --
Hands on the hips.
\"You can see everyone in the queue --
Everyone is watching. Who does she think she is? !
\"You wouldn\'t mind if there was one of these us pr guys\" get out of the way, sorry.
But she didn\'t have it herself, and walked straight in on her Todd.
At the forefront of the team, everyone was passed out.
However, Kate has only positive comments about her time at the awards ceremony --
Said on Instagram after the event: \"Thank you @ gq for a great night. \"Got a story?
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