Just use one trick ingor knitting to teach you to sell women's underwear products at high prices

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-28
How to price women's underwear reasonably as clothing? It is often a headache for underwear manufacturers and merchants. When the price of women's underwear is set high, they cannot be sold; when the price is set low, underwear manufacturers and merchants have little profit or even lose money. Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless women's underwear for 17 years. I teach you that you only need to use this trick to make your women's underwear products sell at high prices and shut up those who call your products expensive.

Let's make a brief analysis first, why do others think your women's underwear products are expensive?

ingorsports has found through years of analysis that there are three main reasons why businesses or consumers feel that your women's underwear products are expensive.

1. Just look at the price! With the rise of various costs now, underwear manufacturers and merchants have to increase their prices. For example, a sports bra or underwear used to sell for 8 yuan, but now the cost is rising, you have to raise the price to 9 yuan or 10 yuan, and your peer underwear manufacturers are also facing rising costs, but there is no price increase, then the business or consumer will feel expensive.

2. Brand factor. Nowadays, all underwear manufacturers and merchants know the importance of brands. For example, we, ingorsports, who specialize in women's underwear, often help others with OEM processing. We know that the factory price is only ten yuan or twenty yuan, and the brand is well known. Put their brand on it, and the price immediately doubles or tenfolds. This is the brand effect. With brand assurance, users are willing to pay more.

3. A sense of inner security. For example, when consumers go shopping for clothes during the year-end holiday, they usually buy more expensive clothes, so they will not feel expensive when buying women's underwear. For underwear manufacturers, for example, customers are snapping up a certain product, When the product is in a hot sale, the price is appropriately increased, and consumers are also willing to pay. And vice versa.

So what should be done for people who are sensitive to the price of women's underwear? ingorsports teaches you 3 tricks to help you sell your products at a good price.

1. Compared with the high price of previous products, it highlights that the current price is very affordable.

In supermarkets or some e-commerce platforms, we often see the original price and the current price. Nowadays, women's underwear is basically sold on the platform. If it is matched with holiday discounts, the effect will be more obvious.

2. The contrast between high and low prices is very affordable.

We can always see a high-priced women's underwear product at the 'Victory's Secret' conference every year, and these products are not really bought by people, but it can set off other products at a low price. Many specialty stores in shopping malls also take this approach. Among some similar ladies underwear products, one or several of them are quite expensive. After consumers see such products, they see cheaper products on the side and buy them. It won't feel expensive.

3. Use a combination method to make consumers feel that it is cost-effective.

Simply put in this way, for example, buying and selling one piece of women's underwear and then processing others such as coats, pants, etc. into a series of packages, the price of a single piece is definitely much higher, but the combination method is very cost-effective for customers. This method has been well used in micro-businesses. Ingorsports often finds that customers produce and process a women's underwear, add a perfume or add a leather bag to the package and sell them in combination. Consumers feel that it is very cost-effective.

In addition, there are also ways to use celebrity effects and celebrity endorsements, such as opening your exclusive store next to a well-known women's underwear brand store, even if the price is a little higher, compared to these famous brand stores, consumers will also won't feel expensive.

Therefore, when customers feel that your women's underwear products are expensive, you might as well think about how your women's underwear products can be leveraged to make customers feel affordable!

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