Judge: Victoria’s Secret “Sexy’’ Appeal Confused Thomas Pink Customers

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-18
A London judge has announced that Victoria\'s Secret Pink brand and clothing chain has confused LVMH\'s customers.
According to Bloomberg, Thomas Pink, the company\'s retailer. The UK-
The US-based luxury clothing retailer has a trademark dispute with the lingerie giant brand, as the shirt maker has announced that it is too similar to co-use the name \"pink.
Judge Colin beers said Victoria\'s Secret is \"sexy, popular --
\"For example, consumers may enter a claimant\'s store to look for underwear and be surprised and disappointed when they find themselves making a mistake.
Thomas Pinke claimed, \"Some customers are trying to return Victoria\'s Secret goods in the store, some are asking for pink goods, and according to The Telegraph, it is learned that the shirt maker has no underwear in stock, I was surprised.
Both retailers have signs that design \"pink\" fonts in all capital letters and serif fonts.
Victoria Secret\'s argument against this claim is that they are targeting different groups of people and they will not shop at Thomas Pink.
We think it is fair.
But, according to the fashion industry, as the company prepares to increase the production of clothing in the category of denim and sportswear, and has sold clothing --
With items like this \"glittering muscle tank\", we can\'t really notice their arguments.
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