jingle bells, swimsuit hells

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-23
Hey, time traveler!
This article was published in 7/12/2015 (2002 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
This is the most wonderful time of the year. if you\'re 5-
Weigh 95 pounds.
But for the rest of us
The Yellow Polka
The dot bikini looks better on the sale shelf.
Every year, many passengers are busy booking flights to the south.
But they forgot. or block out)
The annoying little housework that comes with it: bathingsuit shopping.
Don\'t worry, after last year\'s holiday, when we saw the faded suit at the bottom of the dresser, we were soon reminded.
Hockey mom Christine champagne monk Tres Hildebrand spent a day twisting her clothes after checking her dressing table.
The two friends will travel to Cancun on January.
\"I was thinking, I can\'t eat for two days,\" Hildebrand said . \" He tried on more than 20 bathing suits.
\"I found that I couldn\'t buy one because of the different sizes.
\"It\'s true that we can\'t all look like Kate Moss in a bikini, but we should get brownie points for trying.
\"We are our biggest critics,\" said Champagne, who has been avoiding any water-related stores for the past five years.
Thinking of her friend Hildebrand, she said: \"If we can take a few pictures of each other, we will be a perfect woman . \".
\"After dragging a bunch of potential suits, friends walked to the dressing room in shame.
\"It\'s hard for me because of my size, but they are good swimsuits,\" Champagne said . \" She took a bikini top from the refuse pile.
\"This is very interesting for me;
This reminds me of wearing my mother\'s old bra when I was a child.
Both Hildebrand and Champagne refused to show the suits they tried on.
Instead, they giggled in the change --
The wall of the room in the body part is too small or too large.
Both women left the store with a new suit and a new lump they didn\'t notice before they went in.
\"You\'re looking at all your dimples and all the little lines,\" Champagne said . \".
\"At least when you buy underwear, you know you\'re covering it up.
\"Sadly, we are not the body type of the fake mannequin, but Pat Lewis, the owner of hula Cottage, encourages women to embrace these extra bumps on the way forward.
\"A lot of people will come here and look at themselves and lament that they don\'t have an 18-year-old --year-
\"You look like a woman now,\" she said . \".
\"You have to make people feel sexy and comfortable about their age.
\"According to Lewyc, December is one of the busiest months in the store.
Either way, it doesn\'t make it a lot more enjoyable to squeeze into a swimsuit, especially for winniperg people.
But we can\'t stay under that winter coat forever. Swimco at St.
There is also quite a lot of traffic in the important center during this holiday.
In December, more than 100 people entered the store every day.
\"A lot of people who come in don\'t want to be disturbed,\" says johanelle Balak, a sales assistant at Costco . \".
\"People don\'t feel well in the shower-suit shopping.
Although the motto of the swimsuit shop is \"feel good in half --
\"Many customers like to cover up with tankinis. \"They (customers)
\"They are not happy with what they look like and they want to look perfect,\" she said . \".
But everyone is different.
\"Alice cals and her 64-year-old husband plan to spend the winter in BC to avoid the winter in Winnipeg.
Unfortunately, she will travel on her own in January.
\"He hates snow. it\'s something to do,\" she said . \" She is carrying a shopping bag in St. Vital Centre.
\"Sometimes I go to the mall to get away.
\"This time, Crane is buying a new swimsuit for the trip.
\"I found that I was looking for swimsuits everywhere, and they were very beautiful, but they were perfect for young people,\" 80-year-old.
\"It\'s hard for people my age to find a swimsuit.
\"For the past three years, Crane has completely avoided swimwear shopping.
\"This style is very bold and very fashionable,\" said the grandmother . \".
I wore it when I was 85 pounds, but I don\'t wear it now.
\"But with a little determination and a good eye, Clay found out what she was looking for in Costco.
\"I love the style,\" she said, showing off her new style
One-piece swimsuit decorated with blue flowers.
\"If my husband saw the price I paid for it, he might get angry.
I hope he won\'t look down now.
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