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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-07
Two years ago, conversations between ambassador Jesinta Campbell and rival bra brands broke down after finding out she had breast implants.
A week ago, we reported on Campbell\'s amazing admission that she had already taken the knife and signed up to become the ambassador of Wonderbra, which may reveal that the earlier deal failed due to surgery
The 21-year-old former Australian Miss Universe finished breast augmentation in her teens.
Industry insiders told us that the Wonderbra contract was negotiated after the Bendon brand knocked Campbell back to the ambassador position in 2011, when a clothing fitter discovered her secret breast augmentation.
A year ago, Jesinta met with Bendon to become an ambassador for promotion --
A stylish bra
Placed sources said this week.
\"During the fitting-
Before signing the contract-
Ben den found out she had breast implants.
They immediately terminated the negotiations.
\"It is said that the bra comes from the happy state series in Benton.
The fitter reports to the marketing executive, realizing that the implant may be a problem with the company\'s promotion pushup bra.
The board of governors agreed to conclude the negotiations.
A spokeswoman for Bendon issued a flat version of \"no comment\" when asked to respond yesterday \".
Sharon Finnegan, Campbell\'s agent, confirmed the meeting with Ben den.
\"Ben Den put another girl in line and fell down on August or September 2011 and they wanted to meet up with Jacinta and say hello,\" she said . \".
\"We met with them and they agreed that she would be good for their brand but never did.
If the negotiations progress to the fit of the bra, \"Finnigan\" can\'t remember.
Finnigan thinks Carl Stefanovich and Samantha amitage are her tallCustomer information.
Bruce Abraham, chief operating officer at Hanes Brands, said yesterday that Campbell did disclose her surgery before signing a contract with Wonderbra.
Campbell said she was born with the AA cup.
\"When I was young, I made a small program to become 12B,\" Campbell told The Sunday Telegraph last week . \".
But if she had time, she would have made a different choice.
Confidential first made Campbell suspect that she had enhanced her assets in November 2010, and three months ago she was third in the Miss Universe pageant after she was filmed for the male magazine FHM
At the time, Campbell firmly denied that her chest had been enhanced by surgery.
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