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Jennifer Lopez Redefines Gym Selfies As She Shows Off Her Toned Abs

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-01
Jennifer Lopez once again proved that she was unstoppable. The multi-
Talented artists are only a few weeks away from launching herIt as my party tour and it will start on June 7 at a Forum in Inglewood, California.
The day before she finished her tour in Miami, she turned 50. Per usual, J.
Lo has been in the gym and let the rest of us be ashamed of her health
She often exercises.
Show off on social media
Saturday, 49-year-
The old posteda selfie on Instagram shows her at some point during her workout.
The \"Dinero\" singer is wearing a white sports bra and pink pants, her six
Package abs is fully displayed.
\"Get it in before rehearsal.
It\'s almost the time of the tour . \"J.
Lo also shared some videos of her workout in her Instagram story that showed her doing some arm and upper body exercises
Exercise with a weight that can be very heavy.
She wrote in a video, \"call sore tomorrow.
She added in another slide, \"We have to work before we get together . \".
\"At that, the second acting star added a photo of herself in a pink bikini on social media, which made her disappointed.
While the swimsuit itself is impressive, her solid core is the real focus of the photos.
As it turns out, bikini is just J.
Lo \"on set and in character\" because of the role she plays in the upcoming movie \"liar\" which includes Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Wu, Julia sti
No one is a big fan of J.
Lo has surpassed her fiancé, alex Rodriguez.
On March 9, during a romantic vacation to the Bahamas, the couple got engaged, but he has been cheering for her since the first day. In April, A-
Rod is in J.
Lo\'s \"superpower\" made her more special to him.
In an interview with The New York Times, he said, \"I have never seen anyone more honest than this.
She is so real.
\"He went on to say,\" It\'s strange to see such an important person so normal to be such a great mother, partner and friend.
How can you do this and then perform in front of 80,000 people, but this is her superpower. \"
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