jennifer lopez flaunts her sculpted body in a sports bra and leggings while fiance alex rodriguez covers up in sweats for gym session in miami

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-11-21
He knelt down on one knee for a month-carat emerald-
Diamond-cut rings are estimated at $4.
They spent £ 5 million last weekend on vacation in the Bahamas.
Just a few days after Jennifer Lopez promised Alex Rhodes, the two were seen leaving the fitness center in Miami, Florida.
Jennifer, 49, is wearing a sports bra and leggings to show off her incredible body shape --
Her engagement ring.
The 43-year-old former professional baseball player is wearing a hoodie and a sweatshirt.
When they left the gym in Florida, Jennifer and Alex held hands casually on their way to the car.
Jennifer looks great in black sports and leggings, with a golden shiny accent throughout the process. The high-
The waist curve embrace the bottom and the sports bra shows her flat mid section along with her pert derriere and her plump cleavage.
The singer and actress paired the sparkling set with black and white sneakers, earrings and large-framed sunglasses to show the look of her glamorous gym.
Jennifer, with her high ponytail and long caramel braids, put a little lipstick on her mouth.
Meanwhile, 43-year-old Alex chose a black and white zip hoodie and matching jersey.
The former New York Yankees baseball player added a dark shirt under it with two pieces. tone sneakers.
On Sunday, Alex announced their engagement on Instagram, saying, \"she said yes,\" with a close-up photo of an incredible diamond engagement ring next to it.
Soon after, however, former professional baseball player Jose Canseco accused Alex of having an affair with his ex-boyfriend on Twitter.
Wife Jessica Casco
Watch the dance world watch J.
Lo texted Alex Rodriguez, didn\'t she know he cheated her with my ex
Wife Jessica, poor girl, she doesn\'t know who he really is, \"he said on Twitter and offered to take a lie detector test to confirm his charges.
However, Jessica denied it on Twitter;
She insisted that she had not seen Alex for five years and wrote: \"Of course I did not sleep with him.
Jose stuck to his story in a series of tweets on Wednesday, shared a link to an article about Jessica\'s denial, and attacked her.
He complained, \"You lied to defend that matter * Jessica, and I told you not to open the time of the can of bugs for a lie detector, to tell the truth now.
He went on to say that Jose wrote on Twitter: \"It\'s time to tell lies . \" \"Jessica, you call me a liar, you just force me to defend myself, and to be honest, this is the biggest story about Alex rodgetz and yourself, the truth hurts you, lie detector.
He wrote in a gentle tone: \"Jennifer Lopez, I heard you are a very good person and I\'m sorry you got caught in the middle but have to tell you the truth.
\"Then he began to fight again, demanding:\" Alex rodgez, I challenge you to the lie detector, are you man enough to face me ? \".
Jose added: \"Remember when you told me you were a man Alex now told me what a real man you really are in the face of a lie detector.
He concluded: \"Alex, since you\'re a man, why don\'t you contact me, let\'s talk face to face --to-
You know how to contact me. \'J-
Rod has not published Jose\'s tweets yet, but a source in the US Weekly said Jennifer ignored them for her loyalty to Alexei.
\"She has heard rumors of deception in the past and has never bothered her.
She trusted him and his love.
Almost all the time, they are inseparable, inseparable.
People familiar with the matter shared that Jose casek had his own ideas but she did not hear the noise.
Jennifer and Alex are engaged for the fifth time.
Others from former husbands Ojani Noa, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony
Fiance Ben Affleck.
According to Ajay Anand, founder and CEO of the engagement ring consulting company Rare Carat, he told people that he was from-
Rod for $4. 5 million.
\"Our team of gems experts and Dr Diamond estimates of jadeite
Cut 20 karat diamonds, worth about $4. 5 million.
This estimate is if the stone is D-Flawless. Since it’s A-
Rod, it\'s probably! \' Ajay said.
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