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jennifer lawrence\'s \"silver linings playbook\" wardrobe up for auction

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-01
The clothes worn by movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper can now be yours.
About a dozen wardrobes Lawrence and Cooper wear in the silver lining script will be sold in Los Angelesbased Nate D.
Sanders auction.
Best gift for Jennifer Lawrence
Actress Oscar Jennifer Lawrence: I forgot about 22-year-
On Sunday night, old Lawrence won an Oscar for best actress for his performance in the film, while Cooper was nominated for best actor.
Jennifer Lawrence\'s 30 photos of online bidding costumes currently range from $100 for Cooper\'s \"silver lining\" hoodie to nearly $1500 for a black hoodie, lawrence wore an international coat on the 6 th in the film.
Her character name Tiffany is written on the inner lining of her coat.
Popular news: Google Cloud is down and missing. the mother of Connecticut, Virginia Beach shooting protesters, interrupted Harris\'s conversation. Other items include a 36 C duck size Gap Body sports bra and an elastic
Suitable for Lawrence.
In addition to Cooper\'s and Lawrence\'s clothes, their colleagues wore Ralph Lauren\'s 42L suit jacket
Star Chris Tucker is also at the auction.
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