jenna dewan wears a bra top as she enjoys wine while reading self-help book big miracles... months after painful split from channing tatum

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-15
Jenna Dewan seems to have enjoyed a fun picnic alone on Sunday.
The World of Dance Stars looks like a good fit, and she sits on a patchwork blanket that sits on the lush lawn of her backyard. The 37-year-
Changning Tatum\'s old separated wife holds a long glass of red winestemmed glass.
Her holiday sunglasses go well with wine.
To prove that she was not on a diet, the star put a large plate of French fries in front of her and dipped it in a dip.
The former dancer is reading a book called The Great Miracle: The 11 Spiritual Laws of ultimate success.
It was written by Joanna garzley, the spiritual success coach.
Her title is, \"Enjoy the last few weeks of summer before school starts and the madness starts. . !
Her last red carpet was a few weeks ago when she lit Amazon --to-
On Saturday, school preparation activities in the Pacific, California.
When she imitated a lovely floral summer dress with her eyes, the dark-colored bomb looked strongcatching heels.
The petite star also took photos with her friend Sarah Foster in white.
The beauty recently told Women\'s Health about her life after her marriage with Qian Ning this year.
Nearly nine years after getting married, she said: \"I have done a lot of healing work from the inside out, getting closer and closer to my female strength . \".
\"Always, \'I am a dancer,\' or \'I am married,\' or \'I am an actor \'.
In the past few years, it has become a learning about self.
\"I feel like I\'m going through a wave of growth,\" she said . \"
It does look different;
This is a new normal. I think we will get used to it.
It\'s a journey and a transformation of my own.
As a woman, my needs and wishes.
I think everyone wants to grab everything in front of you, but when you open your heart and say, \"I want the best thing for myself and my daughter, whatever it looks like, you have to accept it.
The couple announced their separation by sharing Instagram posts.
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