It is very important for underwear processing manufacturers to 'know you'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
It is very important for underwear processing manufacturers to communicate with each other to 'know youWhether the communication between them is smooth or not directly affects the next step of cooperation.

In fact, in the current Internet age, the convenience and rapid circulation of information facilitate each other. But there is still a relatively high cost, that is the cost of communication between each other. We often say that 'chicken and duck talk' means that the communication between two people is invalid, and neither of them is what the other party wants to communicate.

Many customers find us for underwear processing, because we ingorsports only focus on seamless underwear and garment processing, so we are not good at seamed underwear. Many customers can't figure out what is seamed underwear with samples. seamless underwear. When we communicate with each other, we will let customers take a picture of both sides to see. This is also a relatively direct way to preliminarily judge whether our underwear factory can process it. Sometimes, for such a simple problem, we will explain it to the customer for a long time. The customer thinks that our underwear factory customer service is not professional.

There are also some customers who can order a relatively small amount, and there are usually some situations of 'I don't understand you' when looking for an underwear processing factory. For example: they were looking for an underwear factory to process seamless underwear and found us ingorsports, and they talked for a long time about how much to process. He said that he did not understand that seamless underwear processing is directly woven from yarn into finished garments. The early debugging process was very complicated. The 50-100-piece seamless knitting machine could not operate normally at all, and the loss rate cost would also be relatively high.

There are also some 'I don't understand you' situations we often encounter with each other. That is the price, such as proofing fee, customer unit price. Some customers find manufacturers online for underwear processing, which is purely a price comparison. To put it bluntly, he didn't know himself first, and he didn't know what his target price was with the underwear samples. He just found some underwear manufacturers on the Internet, took a few pictures and asked the factory to quote. When the underwear factory asks him about some details such as material, size, etc., he doesn't know anything... So many times, the communication with each other is a kind of invalid communication. The customer still complains that you don’t understand him, so why should other customers understand their own products and themselves?

Therefore, 'knowing you' takes underwear processing as an example, you must first understand yourself, understand some of your products, and at the same time understand some underwear factories, mutual cooperation should be based on mutual respect, learn Think differently. If you want others to 'understand you

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