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It is important to choose underwear underwire for your health

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-31
It is important to choose underwear underwire for your health

Underwear steel ring is located at the bottom of the bra cup, it mainly plays the role of gathering and fixing the position of the chest, which can make women more confident and attractive. Basically all women like to wear underwire bras, especially for women who are older or have sagging breasts, it is appropriate to use underwire bras for styling adjustments.

Underwear rims are available in different sizes for different styles of underwear. Underwire bras can effectively support and fix women's breasts, and can better shape them, so they are also called functional bras. However, with the development of the underwear industry, underwear has also derived many styles. The steelless bra is a popular representative in recent years.

Because the biggest feature of the no-wire bra is that it is very comfortable, and it is not restrained. It gives free space to the chest and allows you to breathe freely, which is in line with the trend and pursuit of contemporary people. Especially for girls in the development period, it is not easy to choose a bra with steel ring, which is not conducive to development and stereotypes, and will cause discomfort to the chest. It is recommended to choose a bra without steel ring. Women who are in the menstrual period or menstrual breast tenderness are suitable for wearing a rimless bra, which will be more comfortable and beneficial to their own health.

Although the underwear steel ring plays a supporting role, if the size is not selected properly, long-term wear will compress the breast tissue of the chest, hinder the blood circulation, and then cause the chest to deform or even become cancerous. Some bras with steel rings are also molded with foam sponge. Although they have the effect of standing up and gathering, they are easy to yellow and airtight. At the same time, there may also be chemical components that are harmful to human health. Therefore, you must choose good quality, Quality assured brand of underwire bras.

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