It cannot be ignored that underwear factories open online orders

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-29
In the past few years, the boom of the Internet has spread to all walks of life, including underwear factories and underwear processing industries. In the past, when underwear factories talked about online marketing, they invested in two platforms, opened an online store, and waited for customers to come to buy things. Nowadays, most underwear factories have been online for a few years, and they have also started to understand the model of connecting O2O between the Internet and offline. So what should underwear factories pay attention to when they start accepting orders online?

I have been engaged in network marketing operations for many years, and have been engaged in network operations in underwear manufacturers for more than a year. After working in underwear factories for more than a year, I also deeply realized that underwear factories should do a good job in network marketing. , it is really not that easy to receive an order, 99% of hard work + 1% of luck can be successful.

Especially in Guangzhou, because of the popularity of Guangzhou International Trade City, many underwear manufacturers need to have a stall in business and trade. The storefront waits for customers to come to the door, which also makes many underwear factories and factories repay the sweetness and make money. . This has also formed a unique way of Guangzhou underwear factory, the combination of the front shop and the back factory, which also formed the unique sales method of the Guangzhou factory.

With the rise of the Internet, the channels and methods for people to obtain information have switched to the Internet. Therefore, the flow of people in the trade city is becoming less and less, and it is difficult to receive a few decent customers throughout the year. Nowadays, many underwear factories have also begun to devote themselves to the layout of the Internet.

When underwear factories are doing Internet marketing, they naturally leave a few basic strategies. First, let customers find underwear factories on the Internet, and then the web content displayed by underwear factories can attract customers. Customers are willing to take the initiative to consult and make an appointment. Meet and negotiate and so on.

So in the early stage of network marketing, underwear factories choose appropriate network channels, create suitable tools, and then promote them in large quantities to attract customers. Through online customer service communication and negotiation, get the customer's contact information. This is originally a team, the way of connecting the network and offline, which is the so-called O2O model. However, in fact, many underwear factories have completed this whole set of communication network operators by one person.

I am an example. Although I am familiar with the promotion of online search engines, I also know how to show customers the attractive points of the underwear factory. I can also get the customer's contact information and invite customers to visit the underwear factory. Then the whole system is completed by one person, and there are always some shortcomings. For example, after customers come to the factory, they meet to negotiate, and face-to-face communication is not my strength after all. Therefore, sometimes some problems cannot be reported to customers in time, and sometimes it is necessary to consult relevant personnel in the storefront of the underwear factory, and the storefront personnel sometimes fail to provide corresponding help in time with the usual sales ideas of the storefront, resulting in sometimes embarrassing communication. This also greatly reduces the transaction rate, and also allows customers to see that our professionalism is not enough.

Therefore, when the underwear factory opens the online and offline O2O ordering mode, the point that must not be ignored is the combination of offline and offline. The so-called combination must be seamless and effective. Otherwise, it will be in vain. One person can't do a team. Professionals do professional things. Teamwork is very important. If an underwear factory wants to do a good job in network marketing, it is definitely not a person's business!

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