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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-10
Ingor was invited to participate in the 15th Asian Sports Goods and Fashion Exhibition in ISPO Beijing 2019. This exhibition will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from January 16-19, 2019. On the 15th anniversary of ISPO's entry into China, persistence and gratitude became the most mentioned words in the opening ceremony. Looking back, ISPO is grateful for you, and looking forward to the future, we will work together. ISPO will continue to introduce trends that represent the cutting-edge development of the outdoor and sports industry, such as fashion and technological innovation. During the exhibition, many well-known brands successively released new products on the spot. ISPO can be regarded as an important platform for the trend of pulse movement in the new year. The exhibition site was very lively, with crowds everywhere, and many events such as event releases, brand catwalks and other activities were staged in turn. Many well-known sports brands appeared at this exhibition one by one. The scene was full of flowers and big names gathered, which can be regarded as leading the trend of sports fashion in the new year. As one of many sports brands, Ingor debuted at booth E2.543. The white and blue design style is simple and generous, passing by, people can't help but stop and watch! Ingor 2019 spring and summer new styles were unveiled at the exhibition. The fashionable styles attracted batch after wave of customers to come to understand and discuss cooperation. Good times always go by very fast, and the exhibition ended successfully today. Through the exhibition in the past few days, the Ingor team has gained a lot. Through close contact and communication with customers, they have learned about the needs of customers and provided help to better serve customers. Ingor 's invitation to participate in Beijing this time has once again established the pivotal position of the Ingor brand in the industry. Although the temperature in Beijing is only a few degrees below zero, the hearts of Ingor people are fanatical, and they strive for the realization of the brand's dream all their lives. Ingor will certainly live up to expectations, and will continue to provide government agencies, school groups, enterprises and institutions with high-quality sportswear and equipment required for a unified image.
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