is your bra making you ill? poorly-fitting underwear causes problems from back pain to heartburn - so read our definitive guide to picking the best one for you

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Experts warn that millions of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and their health is at risk in the process.
According to the latest data, 70-
The lady is wearing the wrong size, and many people choose not to wear a sports bra when exercising.
Now, physical therapists urge women to check their size before buying and buying a sports bra to help prevent discomfort and premature sagging that can only be reversed by surgery.
Sami Margo of the chartered Physiotherapy Association of the UK told the Daily Mail: \"Wearing the wrong bra size will not only look bad, but will also put you at risk for a variety of health problems . \".
This can cause pain in the neck, shoulder, middle back and lower back, compression of the neck nerves and sagging of the chest-this is not a beautiful picture.
Other experts believe that the fitting of underwear is related to heartburn, rash and even irritable bowel syndrome.
Richard Moore, a chiropractor and sports massage therapist in Nottingham, said: \"In many cases, I was able to directly link the female back and neck complaints to the bad situation --
The fitted bra not only provides limited or no support, but also creates obvious problems in posture, causing pain and tension. The traditional bra is often too tight around the ribs, creating a pivot point in the middle of the back, dividing it into two smaller areas that can\'t work effectively.
\"The lack of positive support can also allow the upper body to tilt forward, and in order to make up for that, many women end up leaning back.
All of these slight but persistent disorders put unnecessary stress on the diaphragm, and if you sit at your desk a few hours a day and affect the breathing mechanism, it may also be a direct link between digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Too tight straps will not only stimulate the skin, but also reduce blood flow and affect nerves, resulting in tension headaches.
Sports bra is also essential for all women
Especially those with C.
The Cup and the top, Margo said.
While they are not considered sexy, they can help keep your chest in the best shape.
\"The breast is hung by the ligaments and if not firmly grasped, the ligaments stretch from the bounce.
If your talent is good,
A fitted, unsupported bra can cause your shoulders to drooping and folding forward and cause a painful posture disorder.
\"Take the right steps to make sure your bra fits properly will have all the impact on your appearance, posture, and self
Confidence, she added.
Now, the chartered Physiotherapy Association has produced a new breast care guide: Is your bra suitable for you?
It includes details on how to check the size of the bra;
Practice of keeping breast support;
The importance of wearing sports bras;
Make the most of the components of your bra.
Here Margo MS share her breast care and bra
Purchase tips using mail online. . .
Taking care of your breasts helps fight against our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and it is critical that we exercise regularly.
Walking and running is a great way to stay in shape, but have you ever thought about how regular exercise can affect your breasts?
The breast consists of soft fat tissue.
They are supported by the surrounding skin and Cooper\'s ligaments, which extend down from the nipple to the chest muscles of the chest.
High repeatability
The impact activity makes the breast rebound and stretches the skin and ligaments of the breast.
Exercising and wearing in unsupported bras can cause problems such as chronic back pain, poor posture, neck and shoulder pain, and premature sagging of the breast because they lose their natural elasticity.
Exercise to protect the breast chest is very important to maintain the strength of the muscles of the chest, shoulder and neck to support the weight of the chest, shoulder and neck
Try to get these muscles to provide the extra support they need for your breasts.
You can do the following simple exercises at your desk or in front of your TV: 1.
Many of us roll forward on our shoulders and are in a state of weakness.
While standing, roll your shoulders outward so your thumb rolls back.
Push your shoulder blades down.
Try to increase the distance between shoulders as it will help your breasts to sit higher in the chest.
Put your hands together and pray.
Keep your palms firmly together.
You should feel the tension of the chest muscles, which is important for supporting the breast.
Put your finger in the back
Reach out your arm.
You will feel the pull at the front of your chest, which will help to reverse any slide.
Improving your posture to protect your chest posture can lead to mechanical problems, dysfunction, and structural pain that are stressed by slipping or slacking.
Standing and sitting high helps to improve the look of the breasts as you can lift them up higher and give them more support.
In addition, your posture will be improved to minimize the risk of pain and discomfort.
You can improve the look of your breasts by pulling your shoulders back.
Don\'t stretch out your chest!
If your talent is good, a bra that doesn\'t support you will make you fall or fold your shoulders forward.
A supportive bra should hold your breast firmly in place and help to open your chest.
There are two types of sports bra: compression bra is suitable for small and medium-sized chest women (cup sizes 32A -36B).
They help to press the breast against the chest to minimize the rebound and enhance support.
The packaged bra is suitable for women with large breasts that bounce more.
They help support and support each breast in a strong cup.
Put on the correct size bra and you will look great and get great support to avoid unnecessary discomfort.
Your strap size: use cloth tape measurements: * measure the body\'s surroundings directly below the chest.
The tape measure should be parallel to the ground and closely fit.
* Measure, rounded to the nearest whole inch (
Up or down).
Size of Your Cup: * measure the most complete part of your breast.
The tape should just hit your chest and run parallel to the ground.
* Measured to the nearest inch (
Up or down)
* Subtract the strap size measurement from the cup size-the difference is your cup size (0-Inch = AA, WhatsApp-
1 inch = A, 2 inch = B, 3 inch = C, 4 inch = D, 5 inch = DD or E, 6 inch = DDD or F, etc. )
The golden rule of buying bras * during her life, women can wear up to six different bra sizes due to factors such as pregnancy, weight fluctuation and gravity.
So it is important to check your bra size every year and make changes if necessary.
* Bra styles and brands vary-wear a bra for about five minutes while trying it on to assess comfort and fit.
Lift your arm and bend over and jump to see if the bra and breasts remain the same.
If you find an overflow above, below or on the side, you need to re-
Evaluate the size of the cup and/or strap.
Evaluate the bounce control, put on your top and see if the bra looks good.
Choose a comfortable fabric. * Ill-
The fitted bra strap can pull or press the oblique muscle (
Run along the neck and back)
It can cause pain and discomfort.
If you find the bra strap uncomfortable, placing a shoulder pad under the strap can help distribute the weight of the breast evenly over the shoulder.
If your bra straps fall, tighten them or change them.
* Your chest strap should be snug and not too tight-make the most of the existing hooks.
If you find the straps coming up, release the straps * manually place your breasts in the Cup to make sure they are fully supportive and comfortable.
* The center of the wired bra should rest flat against your chest and the wires should be placed under your chest.
There should be no gap!
* Many department stores offer professional bra trials.
Use these services to find the right bra for you.
* Seek licensed physical therapists for posture assessment.
Take active steps to make sure you are wearing a bra that fits your size and shape, which will help you look great and keep a good posture healthy when you exercise.
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