Is there any third party doing fitness bra quality test?
In order to confirm that our data on fitness bra is reliable, we turn into third-party product testing. For Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co.,Ltd., third-party certification is beneficial for controlling product quality and establishing a brand image as well as decreasing costs and improving efficiency. This valuable endorsement for the product performance has to give our customers additional satisfaction that the products are rigorously tested to industry standards.

Since its inception, Ingor Sportswear has been developing rapidly. The sports bra is one of the main products of Ingor Sportswear. The product is not subject to color fading. It is finely dyed with quality coloring agent in the preliminary stage. The color of our sports sweatshirts is pure. The product has wide application foreground and potential in its field. Our products are anti-bacterial, breathable, highly stretchy and so on.

Ingor Sportswear aims to provide the best shopping experience to not only create value for consumers but company. Please contact.
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