Is it suitable to wear yoga clothes in winter?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-28
The public went to practice yoga twice a week. As the weather cooled down, she was confused recently. 'The temperature has dropped very low these days, and it feels a little cold to wear yoga clothes in the gym. 'She told reporters that in order to keep warm, she wanted to wear thicker vests to practice yoga, but many people in the yoga room still wore thin yoga clothes and practiced yoga this day, how to wear it? 'Running to wear sports shoes, do you have to wear yoga clothes when practicing yoga? Does not wear any effect on the body? ',' In general, yoga does not require professional yoga clothes. 'Zhang Haiyan, who has been a yoga instructor for many years, told reporters that students are usually advised to wear yoga clothes, but on the premise of keeping warm. In fact, yoga exercises can be carried out in clothes that are breathable and not tight. Yoga moves slowly and stretch compared to other fitness exercises. 'The average student may only buy a thin yoga suit for convenience. Now it is winter, wearing a thin yoga suit, you may feel a little cold when you warm up in the early stage. Zhang Haiyan said that the movement of yoga is soft and large, and the practice clothes of yoga must not be too tight. In yoga, although people warm up slowly in the early stage, they will sweat a lot and should choose clothes with good air permeability. 'Cotton vests can also be used. There is no need to rush to change clothes after exercise, otherwise the alternation of hot and cold will also lead to some discomfort. '
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