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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-16
[Is it good to add fleece to sportswear manufacturer] In order to keep warm in winter sportswear, some will add fleece to the clothes to make fleece sportswear. Generally speaking, fleece clothes are warmer, because the material of sportswear manufacturer itself has the function of windproof, plus fleece and other fabrics, lock the temperature and make winter warmer. (Sports and leisure suits) Whether fleece sportswear is good or not depends on the actual situation. It depends on your local winter temperature. According to my experience, you don't need to add fleece above 10 degrees, just wear thicker sportswear. Add velvet below ten degrees, otherwise it may be a little cold. But the downside of fleece sportswear manufacturer is that it is not easy to breathe and perspire, and it will be very hot when running. After sweating, it will not be able to discharge water in time, absorb it in the clothes, slowly become cold, and stick to the skin. The temperature of the human body is too low. Therefore, after running, you should change into dry clothes and keep warm to prevent colds. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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